New York Transit Museum, New York City, New York

Boerum Plz and Schermerhorn St, New York City, New York 11201

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Address: Boerum Plz and Schermerhorn St, New York City, New York 11201

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Phone: 718-694-1600
Hours: Tue-Fri 10 am - 4 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am - 5 pm. Closed Mondays and major holidays.
Price: Adults (17+): $7; Children (2-17): $5; Seniors: $5. Free on Wednesdays.

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Submitted by: Jared C.

What an awesome experience.  I am really fascinated with the development of a mass transit system in NYC.  I think the MTA transit museum pays nice respect to the folks who worked so hard to develop the system MTA has today.  The most awesome thing, is that each year MTA puts the old R1-R9 su...

Submitted by: Bill T.

Full disclosure:  I'm a transit geek.  Not the "steal a subway" or "hang out at bus depots" kind of geek, but a casual geek.  My favorite museum in London is their Transit Museum and my favorite museum in NYC is the Transit Museum. As others mention, it's a reasonabel $7 to get in and it's worth every penny.  I've been here numerous times but my b/f had never been so we spent a couple of hours here on a Sunday afternoon.  I'm not sure he was as thrilled as I was but he never appeared bored .  The history of the subway is very cool and the displays about energy are both interactive and informative.   Key likes:  All the old pictures of trolleys, the old maps, the old ads in the subway cars, the information on...

Submitted by: Tom I.

Great place to see the history of MTA subway system. Depends on how deep you wanna learn but takes about 1/2 day to cover the whole place. It is located in abandoned subway station which makes great sense - hence, no AC or heating! I was a little surprised that newer model of subways (ie orange 7) wasn't there. I would also add this place is better for older kids, not toddlers. Only interactive things are the MTA bus & hybrid display. I must add that staff were so helpful and especially liked the gate agents (unlike real life!) why deduct one star!? Gift shop workers were such a$$. They had some cool items, but they totally lack CS skill & literally kicking all kids away. Keep all fragile up, if they are so ...

Submitted by: Heather C.

One of my favorite places in the entire world. By New York standards, the $7 admission is reasonable, and even I, at 22, with no kids can kill a couple hours looking at the displays and wandering through the antique cars on...

Submitted by: Christy V.

This is a magical place. My son considers the transit museum his own personal mecca and we have made upwards of twenty visits here over the past four years. I love that they took a subway station and made it into this treasure trove of transit lore. The original trains on the tracks are a walk through history with the ads, the maps, the seats, the lighting...all dating back over one hundred years. Upstairs the chance to drive a real NYC bus makes my child go crazy - he has such a good time here. We bring a lunch and sit in the cafeteria (no food sold, bring your own) and gaze at all the old signs. The "no spitting" one is my favourite. The gift shop is amazing - trains, t-shirts, shower curtains, umbrellas. ...

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