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Newbury Comics, Boston, Massachusetts

332 Newbury St, Boston, Massachusetts

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Submitted by: Laura H.

The variety of merchandise in this Newbury Comics is ridiculous, kind of overwhelming the way it's set up but if you're not in a rush and can spend the time to look around you find some great stuff! Even if you're not looki...

Submitted by: Julie H.

This is my favorite Newbury Comics. It is the biggest one and has the biggest selection of all of them. You can get a gift for just about any...

Submitted by: Dana B.

If Hot Topic, Spencer's, and a comic book store had a love child, it would most certainly be Newbury Comics.  I'll tell you one thing, it puts all of Philly's comic book stores to shame.  Not only do they carry a vast selection of comics, but they al...

Submitted by: Josh K.

Probably the best deal in the Faneuil Hall area. So I admit, yes I'm a tourist, that's why I ended up here. After walking through Quincy Market, watching all the yahoos buy their lobster rolls and lamb wraps (oops! I mean "roll-ups"! Geez, New England is weird.) First, a bit of personal context between me and Newbury Comics. You see, ever since I discovered Amazon, I haven't been able to resist buying the used CDs on Amazon from their Marketplace sellers. Half of the time, the CDs came from, you guessed it: "newbury_comics". They had great prices and I usually bought two or three at a time to save on shipping, and that was possible because they had such diverse stock that you could look up two completely unr...

Submitted by: Josh W.

I would like express my further disdain for this location. I went in here looking for something specific.  I didn't expect to find it, but I tried.  I asked a young child who seemed ...


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