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Oak Street Beach, Chicago, Illinois

1000 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, Illinois

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Submitted by: David N.

Before coming to Chicago I knew it was a certain we would be making a trip to a beach.  Well I had decided to hit up North Ave Beach for sure.  After visiting that beach I was in love with the water and the view so I was hooked and wanted to come back. I heard Oak Street Beach was the better of the two but more family friendly and cleaner.  So when we a...

Submitted by: Jason H.

Its a great beach.  The water is shallow for kids.  There's good sand.  There's a place to jump into the water (al...

Submitted by: Jessica B.

I love it here.  I have been 3 times so far this summer and plan on many, many more trips before winter finds its way back here.   It is clean (most of the time) and on the weekends a lot of families and couples come here.  On weekdays, it is more of a teenager hang out and they tend to leave a lot of garbage behind (including beer cans/bottles, liquor bottles, condoms, etc).  For the most part, this beach doesn't get over-crowded and you can spread out and even throw around a football without fear of nailing someone in the face Jan Brady style.  AND, Most days the man with the ice cream will drag his cart filled with his frozen goodies (for $3 each) through the sand - the perfect treat while soaking up some...

Submitted by: jason w.

Convenient, super clean, palm trees, food, and lots of  "beautiful people" for whom the beach is built for.  So I avoid it like the plague. If the see and be seen crowd makes you want to ...

Submitted by: Jack P.

Maybe I like Oak Street Beach because I had my first big "drunk" there. I was 13 years old, and visiting my sister who lived in her hot, mod  bachelorette pad on Dearborn.  When she was at work, my favorite thing was to go to Oak Street beach, and hang out with older people. In this case, they were probably college kids. They offered me watermelon, which turned out to be spiked with vodka. I was buzzed by about 2PM, and back home passed out on the mid-century modern sofa by 3PM. (Sis just thought I had a big day at the beach.) Anyway, I just drove by the beach and saw all the new palm trees, not just around the restaurant, but all along the beach's edge, by the water. I love it! I can't wait to ride my bike ...

Submitted by: Alex F.

Although I can't say Oak Street Beach was any less crowded than North Avenue Beach (from where I had just come), it was more peaceful. The range of ages there was much wider (read: old people...


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