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Omni Royal Hotel New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana

Call to Book: 800-775-6132

621 St. Louis Street, New Orleans, Louisiana


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  • Visited: March 2013
  • Submitted: Aug 13, 2013
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Super kid-friendly plush hotel in the heart of New Orleans

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If you're looking for a very nice hotel in the heart of the city, a hotel that will provide a memorable experience for your children and make them feel special, this is the hotel for you!

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Omni Royal - New Orleans

Submitted by: Quique

I wish I could be writing something different. Unfortunately, the hotel was a bit of a disappointment. We thoght we were staying in a 5 star hotel, imagined it to have state of the art rooms, ammenities and facilities.It does seem like the place is very old and is in an urgent ne...

Omni Royal Orleans Hotel

Submitted by: SallyL

Outstanding in Everything Highly Recommend.C...

Omni Hotel New Orleans LA

Submitted by: guest

Our stay at the Omni Hotel In the French Quarter was awesome, the hotel staff was very nice and accommodating. Our dogs loved being able to stay with us on our vacation. The room was clean and well kept. Food ...

Omni Hotel-French Quarter-New Orleans

Submitted by: guest

Great stay! Everything is so close and the rooftop pool...

Paper thin walls

Submitted by: guest

We were very happy with the service and comfort of our room. The staff was wonderful. But the walls were paper thin and we did NOT sleep well due to some very loud neighbors. Until 3am. While we know that the management cann...

incredible location at a decent price

Submitted by: BradC

Third time to stay. Super location and great staff. Rooms were slightly small, but nice. Hotel is about to do a renovation in Ju...

And they allow dogs!

Submitted by: JoanY

Not only was our dog, Stewart (a Bichon Frise) welcomed, but he was greeted daily by name by the doorman. There is a non-refundable small fee for dogs. If proximity to The French Quarter is your interest, th...

Omni - Royal Hotel

Submitted by: guest

Very nice, got a complementary upgrade. Very pet friendly and close to everything...

Submitted by: PattyS

Omni Royal in New OrleansThis hotel was in the heart of the French Quarter & was in walking distance of all sites.Of all hotels I have stayed in on my vacations this hotel was one of the finest & had th...


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