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Submitted by: Hillary B.

I live in Central CT and visit Manhattan a few times a year.  This time I had my mother with me who visits once every few years and does not know much about the area. I know my way around without a map--but who wants to schlep their mom this way and that way all over the city.... Well the Sex and the City Bus Tour was a much easier way to show my mom a lot of the city--for us the SATC theme was a bonus. The tour was just the right time legnth and we covered a lot of ground--I sure wouldn't have been able to my mom all the way down to Greenwich Village on my own. Anyway I ordered two tickets online before we came down.  My Dad was also on the trip with us and originally had to be in a meeting while we would b...

Submitted by: Meagan H.

I just took the new Gossip Girl Tour from On Location Tours.  It was just a practice tour with a very small group, but it was so much fun!  Tracy, the tourguide, was a perfect fit - very sassy and cute and funny - she made the tour! We started just outside the Palace gates at 51st and Madison (great photo op!), then hopped on board the bus for rules and introductions.  As we made our way up to the UES, we watched clips from the show and Tracy pointed out various locales, like the Synod of Bishops Church.   We then headed over to the Park and had our first stop at the Museum of the City of NY for another photo op (the museum serves as one of the exterior shots of the school).  We got to see the outside of Bla...

Submitted by: Natalia J.

I had fun.... is that bad? I don't think the tour was worth $40 but then again, gas prices are high. Most of the 3.5 hours was spent on the bus except for two stops at the Pleasure Chest and Onieal's Bar. You should avoid those places if you hate the people who go on this tour. We also received cupcakes from Buttercup, not Magnolia. I didn't think the people on our bus were particularly annoying or acting "touristy". There were singles and even a family (mom, dad, daughter). It must've been awkward for them when the tour guide asked how many penises were on the bus and the dad had to raise his hand. Our tour guide was funny, and actually quite knowledgeable even about other things not related to SATC. When t...


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