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Outer Banks Center for Wildlife Education, Corolla, North Carolina

1160 Village Ln, Corolla, North Carolina

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Submitted by: S B.

For a FREE thing to do in an expensive area such as Corolla - this is GREAT to take the kids to.  Lots of exhibits on the local wildlife.  We saw a fish fe...

Submitted by: John L.

This review is coupled with the Currituck Beach Lighthouse because in essence, they are in the same location. Together, they can pass for a 4 star experience, apart, probably closer to 2 1/2 each. The Center is a small building that houses some local historical/environmental chachkas: stuffed local wildlife, old boat, old outboard motors ... Interesting for a quick browse. They show a brief movie which I did not wait around for. What it has going for it is that it is FREE. To charge anything for that small an exhibit would be larceny but hey, I live in the biggest feloniest city in the world and to their credit, did not succumb to the greed. The second lure it that it was air-conditioned. It was a very hot s...


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