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Oz Park, Chicago, Illinois

2021 N Burling St, Chicago, Illinois

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Highland Park, Illinois

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There's no place like Oz Park

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Submitted by: Kira H.

My Son and I both love this park! Quesyion though, can...

Submitted by: Rose A.

Such a great park!  I love the Cowardly Lion, The Scarecrow, and The Tinman statues.  So cute how the garden area is called The Emerald City Gardens and the...

Submitted by: Brent W.

I used to live at Webster and Lincoln back in the late 90's/early 00's and have been to this park dozens of times.  Well many years later and now with a 4 year old in tow, I come to the many Chicago area Parks for reasons other than basketball, a jog, or to just chill and relax.....now it's all about the playground....though we do play catch, kick the soccer ball and actually getting closer to the age where basketball is an option. This park playground is one of the City's best, and my son can attest, as when I asked him what his favorite is, he said  "I think it might be this one...this or the new one by our house" (the HP...which is phenomenal btw). Oz park also has a spectacular Emerald City Garden which ...

Submitted by: Rachel W.

My dog literally DRAGS me down lincoln to get to oz park where she can sprint around in circles w/900 other d...

Submitted by: Robert S.

This is so cool, I was driving around and saw people taking pictures next to the tin man, and was like I need to go check that out so I made it a plan a couple weekends ago I took my baby here before going to the zoo, w had a great time walking around and talking pictures of the par...

Submitted by: Dan D.

For a Chicago park, Oz Park certainly is "A-OK" in my book.  Has a cool playground for kids (or adults if the cops don't see ya at nighttime).  And the tennis courts are well-maintained with nice nets and no cracks in the courts. While normally this type of review sounds like it would be a 4-star review, I gotta knock it down a peg for the lone fact of......  the creepy Oz characters at every corner of the park.... one side has Dorothy + Toto, another side has the Tin-man, another the Lion.... well, to me, that movie scared the bah-jee-bee's out of me as a little kid (and not gonna lie, still does to this day).  So for having life-size statues of things that remind me of a nightmare, Oz Park gets 3-stars.   ...

Submitted by: Jonathan H.

With it being sping again I am setting my sites on playing with the kids at Oz Park. In Lakeview/Lincoln Park it's the largest, cleanest and b...

Submitted by: Amaliya L.

Oz Park is by far my favorite park to visit within the City of Chicago. I love the Wizard of Oz statues, but my favorite part of Oz Park is the beauty that is The Emerald City Garden when it is in full bloom.  The garden is an amazing place for photo ops, and a perfect place to read a book and bask in the sun. My son loves Dorothy's Play Lot.  He proclaimed Oz Park was the best park ever.  There are tons of places to hide, climb and be a child.  There are 2 huge wooden structures in the main part of the play area that feature cubbyholes, bridges, climbing areas, etc.  You can swing, hang and be a super hero or pirate.  They also have an area designated for toddlers. This park also features tennis courts, a b...

Submitted by: Julie A.

My mom stuck me in drama class as a little girl. But they casted me as the tin man. Why couldn't she just put me in chorus instead? Lol. Ironically, years later, I came to Oz Park in search of the Tin Man statue. Let me tell you this place is like finding Waldo in a candycane factory. We asked 10 people and out of those, only 2 gave congruent directions. I guess it was a good thing because we incidentally ran into a woman in a 70's outfit and a banjo player who gave us a quick history of Chicago. Lol. The entire surrounding area had a really nostalgic feel about it. It was almost like stepping into a timewarp. Oz Park is a cute little park with a little playground area for the kids and plenty of walking grou...


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