Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington

200 Second Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109

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Address: 200 Second Ave N, Seattle, Washington 98109

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Phone: 206-443-2001
Hours: Mon 10 am - 4 pm, Wed-Fri 10 am - 4 pm, Sat-Sun 10 am - 6 pm
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Submitted by: Diane J.

it had been a while since my last visit here, and i forgot how child oriented this place was... probably a no brainer but well, sometimes kid stuff can be fun fo...

Submitted by: Megan S.

The In-Laws are in town and we needed a place that little kids and adults would enjoy.  So we went to check out the Science Center and it was a hit. The kids got to play with a ton of stuff and learn about Dinos and the planets (which was about as much as their attention span would allow) and the big kids played with the GIANT Rubik's cube and the Puget Sound exhibit. Since we had 4 adults and 2 kids we were $10 away from the price of a year membership so we got one. WOW with a 1 year $80.00 membership we got:  Memberships for 6 people (my little family plus my sisters!),  5 guest passes,  Free Imax tix, discount on Imax movies (IE. Happy Feet 2) and a ton more.  Totally worth it, especially with a rainy col...

Submitted by: Jonathan M.

As the 107th reviewer, I am sure this one will be the most relevant. With two small children, I have been here many times and with grandparents who have purchased an annual membership, it has been a refuge on rainy days. This place is in need of a serious facelift.  Yes, the children enjoy the semi-working exhibits, and it is fun to see today's children enjoying 1970's technology. The butterfly exhibit is a nice respite on a gray, rainy day as it is a lot cheaper than flying to Hawaii and some of the plantings in the exhibit are pretty cool too. I wish there was more interactive exhibits other than pushing a button.  I know there is no money for a renovation so it is what it is, a nice place to run around wh...

Submitted by: Winnie S.

What a place! Upon entering this magical science kingdom, I lost all inhibitions and frolicked around like a little kid, touching and poking and ooh-ing and ahh-ing at everything. There are multiple exhibits wonderfully designed to enthrall visitors of all ages and backgrounds. There was a planetarium room, a tropical butterfly room (yay), and outdoor design center, a reptile exhibit, a laser show room, etc etc. So many hands-on interactive stations and things to do! I loved it and thought it was worth every dollar ($11 with Boeing discount, originally $14). Laser shows are a half hour long and that was an amazing experience too for just $3! We laid on the floor of the laser auditorium with all the other hip...

Submitted by: Sonny W.

Excellent place for kids.   Came on my Citypass. It is a bit rundown (well, undergoing renovations) but my kid just loved it and--as a geeky person--I love it too....

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