Pana'ewa Rainforest Zoo, Hilo, Hawaii

Stainback Hwy (off Hwy 11), Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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There is a petting zoo open on Saturdays from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.

Address: Stainback Hwy (off Hwy 11), Hilo, Hawaii 96720

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Phone: 808-959-7224
Hours: Mon-Sun 9 am - 4 pm More Info
Price: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Lawrence T.

What a great find! i have been to the island 3 times and was very happy to find it. The petting zoo is only open for an hour on Saturday but that is reasonable since it is all run by volunteers and it is free. The white...

Submitted by: Stephanie S.

Love coming here every year with my family. It's a small place, but there's lots to see. The birds and primates in particular have a lot of ...

Submitted by: Kim V.

Every year that I have been to Hawaii, my family and I always make it a point to stop at this zoo.  It is such a beautiful place that it surprises me that not a lot of people know about it.  The admission is...

Submitted by: Charlene C.

This zoo realllly impressed me. First, there is NO admission fee... so you think it's free so it's probably really tiny with not a lot of animals. That was not the case. The zoo was actually a decent size. They have all kinds of interesting birds, Bearcats, donkeys, goats, primates, and even a White Bengal tiger! The grounds and restrooms are also well maintained. Please note that they do have a box and coin deposit for donations when you enter/exit. My favorite part of the day was when we got to walk and pet 7 week old baby goats!! Soooo adorable. ( ) The worst part of the visit was being attacked by mosquitoes!!!!! (I got 12 bites!) Folks, DON'T  FORGET to put your insect repellen...

Submitted by: Janice U.

In the time of a huge national recession, multinational corporations laying off thousands of employees, and restaurants jacking up prices while whittling down food portions, it's good to know that some things are still free. Like this zoo. :) It's my little jewel in Hilo town.  The only zoo in the nation set in a rainforest. It's a small community-minded zoo that's run on donations from the community and funds from the city. It took me nearly 12 years, but I finally got to visit and see Namaste, the white bengal tiger with the ice blue eyes.  He gets fed everyday at 3:30 PM and he is the most adorable thing ever!  He is the true star of this zoo and his presence has only served to heighten and bring some muc...

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