Pat's King of Steaks, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1237 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

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Address: 1237 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147

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Phone: 215-468-1546
Hours: Open 24 hours. Closed Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Eve. More Info
Price: Check prices More Info

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Submitted by: Jenny H.

Here's how to order: 1) Wait in line with at least several of your friends (so they can help secure a table while someone else orders) 2) When you're getting close to the window, send out a friend to secure a table outside for you so you can sit and eat (the parties rotate pretty quickly after eating) 3) Place your order, saying type of cheese "Cheez Whiz/Provoline/American/etc." and "WIT" or "WITOUT" which means with/without onions. 4) Go down to the second window to order fries and drinks 5) Grab your piping hot, delicious, melty gooey cheesesteak and go to the condiments bar outside to get your ketchup on, plus your spicy red peppers, mustard, onions, etc. 6) Go and join your friends and EAT with a napkin...

Submitted by: Sarah P.

Not overly impressed but decent. On vacation we stopped in to try a Philly Cheesesteak at one of the two famously "battling" shops (Pat's vs. Geno's). I don't like Cheese Wiz so I went for a pizza steak (steak, marinara sauce, 'shrooms, provolone and onions) and it was pretty good. Hubby went for steak, provolone and onions, same verdict, pretty good. Fries were good and fresh. What cost them points: 1 - I appreciate that they try to put out this "neighborhood joint" vibe by having their own ordering language that they thoughtfully post instructions to where you wait in line and explaining that if you mess up you will have to go to the back of the line and try again. Really? It didn't matter when we were the...

Submitted by: Rin T.

In my quest to being the most interesting man in the world, I figured it has to be something I must do, so I tried both! Alright my fans, so I trecked up to Philly, been wanting to do this for a long time now.  Finally did it.  If you live on the East coast and live within 3 hours of Philly, then you have to do the Pat/Geno challenge, or you're just UnAmerican and you SUCK, if you Do have it on your itenerary of things to do, then you're not UnAmerican and you don't SUCK. So I finally went there and I tried Geno's first.  Since they're right across the street from one another, you have to pick one.  I picked Geno's first because they made it look like Chucky Cheese with all the bright colors and lights, the ...

Submitted by: Terrell L.

The Original home of the cheesesteak, invented the steak sandwich in 1930. Pat's King of Steaks is still owned and operated by the Olivieri family. The Fresh Roll, Grilled Steak, Peppers & Onions. Eating on the s...

Submitted by: Whitney O.

HELLOOO tourist central. After you get passed the fact that the fanny-pack wearing people taking pictures on how to order your food- HELLOOO crazy goodness. You can catch me here before I head over to the phils game and not pay prices over there for something you can get here that is the magnificent of all magnificence. It's simple. Simple goodness. You want a specimen of a perfect cheesesteak? This is where you come. I'm organized & clean about everything in my life, except FOOD. If I don't have stains on my shirt, pants, or face after a meal - I haven't enjoyed it. I'm a hot mess at Pat's! I almost can't describe the food here. The cheese fries are umm, YUM. Pizza steak, without, whiz. Pure love. FYI - the...

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