Paul Revere House, Boston, Massachusetts

19 North Sq, Boston, Massachusetts 02113

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Address: 19 North Sq, Boston, Massachusetts 02113

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Phone: 617-523-2338
Hours: Apr-Oct: Mon-Sun 9:30 am - 5:15 pm, Nov-Apr: Mon-Sun 9:30 am - 4:15 pm. Closed Mon from Jan-March. Closed New Year's Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. More Info
Price: Adults (18+): $3.50; Children (5-17): $1; Seniors & Students: $3

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Submitted by: Lori C.

This is a place I have wanted to see ever since I was a little kid.  This is very well maintained and a great stop on the Freedom Trail. The docents are very well informed and are re...

Submitted by: Jana s.

'Tis a cryin' shame his cousin's house wasn't open on Tuesday, when I went to tour this.. while my brother was hoofin' it,  in search of 'the best pizza in Boston', and my folks were in food coma after Mike's Pastry, I was able to tour his former home, an excellent example of a Colonial back in time. So admission was only $3.5, but the house tour will take literally about 10 mins... aww... What a strikingly unique Colonial home, occupied by Paul the silver/goldsmith cum foundry owner, community leader, entrepreneur, and bellmaker from 1770 to 1800. Things I never knew: the dude was married twice. He had 16 children! His son, John, was educated at Harvard med. In 1907(?), a descendant of the Revere family sav...

Submitted by: g r.

I'm surprised by some of the low reviews on here. After all, what were you really expecting? It's old, and it's historical you get to walk around surrounded by the same walls that Paul Revere and his family did. I'm not one that believes in ghosts or that kinda stuff, but 'cmon give the place it's due, use a little imagination and put yourself there in those times. My guess is that back then it was considered a large house. I know Revere didn't live there long, and many other people did, but it is what it is and he was there for a time. This is one of the stops along the "Freedom Trail" although it lacks in pizazz points, it makes up for in the connection to the past. I've also visited some of the Civil War ...

Submitted by: Ashley B.

The Paul Revere house is interesting, it is the oldest building in Boston, but it is small. If you're a local history buff, I am sure it would greatly fascinate you, I suppose I just expected more than what it was. Then again, it is not expensive to go in, but I expected a lot more. I think that the Witch House in Salem is a bit more interestin...

Submitted by: Daniel S.

One of the more disappointing experiences. The house itself is about 4 rooms; while there are some memorabilia, it just feels like its needs a freshening up.  It feels dated (obviously) but in a run-down kind of way. That said, for the 3 bucks, its worth a pop in if nothing else b...

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