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Phoenix Zoo, Phoenix, Arizona

455 N Galvin Pkwy, Phoenix, Arizona

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You can bring coolers of food into the zoo- a great $$ saver!

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Submitted by: C J D.

Zoo Lights were a blast. Brought a wagon and hot coco for the kids, ...

Submitted by: Pj M.

Love the Phoenix zoo and the giraffes are my favorite here. Great place ...

Submitted by: Jamie C.

Went to the pre-opening of Zoo Lights for my sisters company party and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I've been to this zoo many times during the day but Zoo Lights opens up a whole new experience. Obviously, because it's dark you can barely see any animals but the lights are the main attraction at night anyways. The displays were very neat and plentiful. There was even a synchronized music & light show that opened and closed with realistic thunder sounds. There was a huge slide kids can play on as well as carousel. Some of the food places were still open so you can snack while checking out the light displays. The entire zoo was literally covered in lights. This is a great event for kids and some pla...

Submitted by: Travis B.

my wife and i went for the Scottsdale healthcare employee appreciation night of Zoolights. i love, love, love zoolights. the zoo puts on a phenomenal experience for this event. just when you think "that's it", there are...

Submitted by: Corey Tess T.

Spent the day at the zoo with my niece and nephew. We took advantage of a google offer for $6.00 instead of the 18.00 usual price. First of all this place is HUGE - and they have a lot of exhibits. Kids will love the place, but some words of warning. 1) wear REALLY comfortable shoes. 2) if you buy a general admission ticket, be prepared to shell out $2 - $5 for additional attractions such as Camel rides, Giraffe Feeding, Paddle Boats, Safari Train, Sting Ray Touch Pool etc.  (might be a good idea to buy one of the package deals) 3) Certain attractions are seasonal, so check the schedule. There is a water play area only open in summer. 4) The petting zoo closes at 3:45pm so take kids to see this before you do...

Submitted by: Randy B.

What a lovely little zoo!  My 4.5 year old showed me around on my first visit this weekend.  Lots of cute things to do and see...including booth games, exhibits, and photo ops with the kids.  I really liked the time spent here, and reco...

Submitted by: Emma W.

I really enjoyed the Phoenix Zoo. My only real complaint is really just a whine.. I wish they could make an indoor zoo! In a place like Phoenix they really need one. The zoo is set up great although it is a little confusing. They have cool things to do like feeding Giraffes and running through a cave like thing that sprays water on you (primarily made for little kids, but that never stops me). I really admire how well they take care of their animals. I had the amazing opportunity to get an up close look at the Elephants (an absolutely amazing experience), and they really take pride in what they do. The best thing about zoos is that you don't just have to be a little kid to go, I know I will enjoy going to th...

Submitted by: Sandy C.

Taking my son here is the best thing I could have done while Fall is starting here in Arizona.. I've been avoiding this place all summer because of the heat, so now that it's dissapating, off to the zoo we go! He really loved the peacocks that wander and come up to you, the elephant exhibit (why was there only 1 of them in that ginormous space?), giraffe, and monkeys. Sadly, we didn't see alot of animals (lions & tigers), and the bear was sleeping. I guess some of them are still recovering from the heat spell of summer, but I thought they'd be out by now. We had so much fun! We even stopped by the Stingray pool to touch them ($2 a person). The only downside was that I was hauling him around in a stroller (an...

Submitted by: Julia T.

I have been lucky enough to visit some amazing zoos in my life.  That being said, the Phoenix Zoo did not disappoint!  Make sure you wear your walking shoes; the open concept layout lends itself to long, meandering strolls through the exhibits.  The place is huge!  I also found this zoo, more so than any other, to be very child oriented.  There are splash pads, paddle boats, a carousel, petting zoo, a hands-on stingray exhibit....the list goes on.  The animal enclosures, or lack-thereof, are a refreshing change to those seen in many older zoos.  The exhibits are expansive and the animals seem happy and well cared for.  If you have kids, this is an absolute must see in Phoenix. If you don't have kids


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