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Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia

1071 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, Georgia

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  • Submitted: Jul 24, 2013
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Tips for Families

Park Tavern is a great restaurant that is right on the park. They have a good adult and kids menu, as well as a large patio. If you want, sit by the fence and let the kids run around the park on the other side. In the winter, Park Tavern has an indoor ice rink.

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Submitted by: Jai R.

Best park around Atlanta hands down!  Very clean, very family friendly and has more amenities than I have ever seen a local pa...

Submitted by: Daniel B.

Piedmont Park is Atlanta's most famous park.  It's located in Midtown and bordered (mostly) to the west by Piedmont Ave. and to the south by 10th St.  It's huge, it's clean, and it's popular.  The total size of the park is almost 200 acres.  There's a lake in the center (Lake Clara Meer) and the park is home to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  There are lots of trees and big open grassy fields.  Some sections are hilly, while other sections are nothing but several hundred yards of flat space.  There are places to grill and hang out, play sports, and there are plenty of trails to walk or jog.  The park also has very picturesque views of the Midtown skyline. The park is also home to many events such as concerts,...

Submitted by: Lindsay W.

I have fallen back in love with Piedmont Park.  Not that I did not love it before, but I love it even more now.   1) parking deck- it is off of Monroe.  I do not mind that it is is not free.  It is covered, which means that my car stays cool in the summer heat.  They also take credit cards for payment. 2) the new water addtion.  For you who do not know, they added fountains like the ones you see at CP, but on a smaller scale.  The are all the way at the end of the new expansion.  They have bathroom facilities and a snack stand (it only takes cash).  There is partially shaded areas to sit and a VERY nice short grass lawn, which is great for eating lunch on.  The kids (and adults) love the cool water display t...

Submitted by: Diedre R.

There was a time when we use to go to Piedmont almost every weekend, but the kids grew up, parking became a bigger pain in th arse, and there was no controlling people and thier dogs and so we began to go less and less until we werent going at all. Well somehow I convinced myself that going to the Atlanta Jazz Festival, which is held at Piedmont every year the Memorial Day Weekend. Im glad I did.  While parking is still a "witch" (and I dont mean witch), and very costly at some lots, it is still a great park upon which to spend time with friends, family and lots to to drink. The pool area was lively with a private party.  Not many people were following the rules of no glass containers, but I was really happy...

Submitted by: S W.

My family and I love going to Piedmont Park! The place is so vibrant, just full of life. There is a large lake, with many different places to get a great view of the ducks and geese. The two playgrounds are favorites of my children, as are the immense grassy fields, which are very well manicured. The massive old trees are so tall, they look like they could almost reach the clouds. There are plenty of sports fields, running tracks and places to go for a leisurely bike ride. For you dog lovers, there is a dog park located within the park. The cross section of people is wonderful; so diverse and entertaining. The neighborhood in which the park is situated is an enlightened breath of fresh air for a city in the ...

Submitted by: Kristen D.

This place is a little piece of heaven. It's just the place to go for the whole family. I went with my husband and walked about. I know this is random, but I saw a wild chipmunk for the first time in my life. This chipmunk was small but gangster and was sitting by the lake. This squirrel tried to get it to move, but it but the chipmunk punked him! It was great. Anywho, clearly I enjoy the pier swings and walking trail by the lake. It was very serene and tucked away. Beautiful landscaping, lot of dogs and families if you are into people watching like my hubster and I are. I had a great time. The city right there and the park is just as peaceful as ever. It really seals the deal for this area. Great place for ...

Submitted by: Ken T.

Stressful day at work. Needing some fresh air. Feeling the hankering to bike/run. Picnic and reading time for one. Festival ground within walking distance. Survey Says - Piedmont Park! I hate/love that I discovered the beauty of Piedmont Park 3 months after I moved into VaHi and consistently seeing it along my commute from work to home. I wish I explored it sooner! Springtime in PP is simply beautiful. On any given day, you see the Park come alive with runners, jogger, dog walkers, families, friends, etc. It draws a variety of people out of the house,  without feeling overly crowded. With 189 acres of free open green space, you're sure to find the perfect spot to layout on a warm spring day, like today! Just...

Submitted by: Tanya F.

Just a few days ago I witnessed two fabulously-clad pretty boys singing--harmony and all, y'all--the '70s ballad, "Close to You" by the Carpenters.  They were serenading this adorable dancing toddler and his mother in the gazebo.  Classic.  That's Piedmont Park. I've been visiting Piedmont for a long time now.  See, I was once one of those despised teenaged bridge-and-tunnelers you hear about.  That was us, swooping into town in large numbers, taking up parking spaces with our audacious Cobb Co. license plates.  Now that I'm on the other side, the side of the intowner who shakes her fist at the whippersnappers, I love it no less. This is where I come to play and forget about the rest of the city for a while....

Submitted by: Sarah E.

My family (husband and dog) and I love this park. It is within walking distance from our house, resulting in frequent visits. It is full on the weekends, but I never feel like my personal space is compromised. PROS: - dog park for ...


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