Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Massachusetts

137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 02

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Don’t miss the Wampanoag Homesite, where real native Wampanoag people wear traditional deerskin clothing and speak about their history from a modern perspective.

Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 02

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Phone: 508-746-1622
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Submitted by: Andy M.

Great place to visit with your family. Also a great place to get married, i was married in the hornblower garden, an...

Submitted by: Morgan W.

Plimoth Plantation is very popular with my kids, especially the Native American section, and they also really loved a sword fighting choreography demonstration we stumbled upon when we were there recently. For an adult, so...

Submitted by: Cristina P.

this place is amazing!  Our local library had a pass that saved us over 50% on the tickets.  They have an "orientation video" and then you walk over to a barn with goats etc. Then you head over to the Wampanoag home and see how these Native Americans lived.  Then you head to the English settlement wher...

Submitted by: Karen F.

A great place to take your family (get the combo ticket if you want to see the Mayflower II - because on its own the Mayflower II takes about 20 minutes to go through and is just not worth $10 admission). They take Triple A discounts. My little one (almost 7) liked the Nye Barn and the Craft Center best. They have 3 exten...

Submitted by: Ryan B.

Maybe I just came on a bad day, but my recent visit to the Plantation was miserable and underwhelming to say the least. I visited as a child, and decided to try this place out with my GF on a recent trip to New England.  I am glad we had free admission with our GoBoston cards, because it wouldn't have been worth any money. The Native American village is small with a couple tribal lodges.  The people who were there to represent the Wampanoag were depressing and dismissive.  We saw two woman holding a baby cooking some food, so I asked them what was in it and the response was 'Corn, strawberries, and stuff'  and then they turned around and just started talking to each other again.  One guy had a display of tri...

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