Plymouth Rock, Plymouth, Massachusetts

137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 02

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School-aged kids will be interested to see “the rock” they’ve learned about in class. Just don’t budget too much time here -- the site is small and can easily be explored in under an hour.

Address: 137 Warren Ave, Plymouth, Massachusetts . 02

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Phone: 508-746-1622
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Jennifer A.

I saw the rock as a kid. Then I learned it's not even the exact spot where the pilgrims landed. And it had graffiti on it. And it smelled like pee. Needless to s...

Submitted by: David V.

A historical site.  The rock is kinda small but nontheless cool to see.  This area is beautiful.  I...

Submitted by: Munchie M.

I had heard that rock was anti-climatic so I knew what to expect, but I still wasn't quite prepared for what looked like the top half of a baby gray hippo sticking out of t...

Submitted by: Jenne K. we weren't going to Plymouth for the sake of seeing the rock.  We were on our way to the Cape--on a family vacation--and since we're all west coasters we thought we'd stop in to see this famous rock. But there was no rock to be seen. I'd sha...

Submitted by: Cheri. A G.

I gave Plymouth Rock 3 stars because it is famous.   That said it is a rock.  Kind of like a pet rock but bigger...not much bigger though.  It is about 6ft by 4ft in size it is surrounded by a fence but it is much lower than street level so you look 15 feet down at it.  In the photo of the review I put the picture my son took so you could see the rock itself because how many people actually will admit they took a picture of a rock (that is my son's shadow). The Mayflower is next door and they want to charge you quite a bit of money to go and look at it AND it does not move AND it is just a replica. My cousin lives in somewhat nearby Scituate so I am glad we came for the history but I would not waste my time ...

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