Point Defiance Zoo, Tacoma, Washington

5400 N Pearl St, Tacoma, Washington 98407

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Address: 5400 N Pearl St, Tacoma, Washington 98407

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Phone: 253-591-5337
URL: http://www.pdza.org
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Submitted by: Michael K.

Zoo Lights: On Friday night, we made the drive down to Tacoma (which was a little ridiculous since I managed to get semi-lost trying to navigate the 99/509 route) to experience the wonders of Zoo Lights.  It was pretty busy but took no time at all to get in and save for a few areas where the path got narrow and caused human congestion, it was a lovely stroll and not over-bearing.  The main 'courtyard' was the key attraction with the Narrows Bridge lit up as well as all the grass covered in blue to look like water.  My favorite, however, would be the statue of the family, as the lights underneat the squatting little boy made it look like he was crapping fire!  Tasteful and wonderful.  Truthfully, though, it's...

Submitted by: Kristin C.

I have been to the Point Defiance Zoo a couple of times. Most recently I went for the Zoo Lights. The lights were all really cool, but I was hoping we were able to see more animals, although I guess it being winter, at night, it makes sense that they were inside where its warm. The only place we were really able to see was the aquarium. The fishies and sharks were cool though. The lights were really nice, but I was kinda sad at how small it all was. It only took about an hour to see everything. Overall though it's a really nice zoo, in a beautiful park. You could definitely make a day out of it. Spend a few hours at the Zoo, go to the park, have a picnic lunch, watch the farries. It's a lot of fun. You can a...

Submitted by: Riss J.

This review will be for the annual ZooLights special exhibit, not the zoo during normal operations. This last weekend, I had the pleasure of taking in a "road trip" to Tacoma with Kristin and Corrina, with the sole purpose of taking in some good food (Southern Kitchen) and checking out the zoo lights. I hadn't been to this annual Holiday event since my kids numbered only 2 and were still stroller bound. And. Well. It was the same. Which, makes me sad. I remembered a huge portion of the light "shows" they offer. The eagle diving for a fish, the various things. And I was, in that respect, disappointed. It's been...10 years? I would have hoped for a few more, a few different, a few upgraded. I knew the zoo itse...

Submitted by: Vivian T.

Its quite a drive through the park to get here but the scenery is really nice. This little zoo and aquarium is pretty stinkin' cool!  We were there today with our baby for his first trip.  It was not very busy which I really liked for navigating around with a little one.  He was also able to run around a bit without too much worry.  The exhibits themselves were also quite neat.  It has been a long time since I have been to a zoo or aquarium but I thought that this zoo was very cool for setting up animal co-habitats so to speak.  They had a few animals from the same area of world together in one big exhibit!  If you're not a fan of crowds or have a child that you are bringing, I suggest going in the off seaso...

Submitted by: Sarah M.

The area around Point Defiance Zoo is beautiful! And once you finally find the zoo, which is a bit tricky since it's in the middle of a big park by the water, it's beautiful around there, too. However, the zoo itself was not quite as nice as I had hoped. Sure there are the ridiculously cute snow leopard cubs. And the awesomely fat walruses. And polar bears. And puffins. Alright, you get the point. There's a ton of really cool animals here - better than Woodland Park Zoo in my humble opinion. However, that being said, when we went on a random Wednesday, NOTHING in the zoo was open. Exhibits were closed, concession stands were closed - it was a bit disappointing. I'm sure they don't open them during the week f...

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