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Portland Aerial Tram, Portland, Oregon

OHSU Marquam Hill Campus, Portland, Oregon

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A connection between 2 hospitals

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After searching for a while we did find a balcony with a view to Portland. It was nice to hang there, enjoying the sunny beautiful day that sometimes Portland can offer.

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Submitted by: Whitney S.

Although not the usual tourist trap (it's actually functional public transit for most that use it), I would recommend the Portland Aerial Tram to visitors and locals because it has great views. It's certainly a less-known gem for tourists to see Portland from another perspective--the sky! Easily accessible by the Portland Streetcar (sadly just outside of the free rail zone), the tram costs $4 round trip. Keep in mind tickets are only sold as round trips so don't think you can get a one-way and then walk the other. This is a fun adventure for the kids too. I took the three year boy I was babysitting and he absolutely loved "flying" as he now calls the Portland Aerial Tram. We extended the journey beyond the 4...

Submitted by: Misty S.

Fun fun! I procrastinated on doing this because I am terrified of heights. In all reality, the tram is a lot lower than it seems from the ground. It was actually a qui...

Submitted by: Eric B.

I took the OHSU Tram up Marquam Hill for the first time this week.  My son, his mother, and I took the scenic ride ahead of a medical appointment.   It was a nice clear day and it was neat to see Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and a small piece of Mt. Rainier.  Closer to home, I enjoyed the view of greater Portland and the neat ship buildin...

Submitted by: Katrina W.

Now, it may not be the best way to get from A to B if you actually work at OHSU, but the Tram is a great way to show off the city to visiting friends & family. Best yet, make a public t...


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