Portland Saturday Market, Portland, Oregon

108 W Burnside St, Portland, Oregon 97209

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Check out the children’s craft booth aimed at toddlers.

Address: 108 W Burnside St, Portland, Oregon 97209

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Phone: 503-222-6072
URL: http://www.portlandsaturdaymarket.com/
Hours: Mar-Dec: Sat 10 am - 5 pm, Sun 11 am - 4:30 pm
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Beth L.

Going to the Saturday Market was one of my most enjoyable experiences in Portland.  It helped that I was there on a gorgeous, sunny, and warm day (clear enough to see Mt. Hood, too!).  I loved it so much that I really wanted to go back on Sunday and just hang out in the park, but due to vacation and sight seeing, I didn't have the time. I got Mexican food from a food cart and a bubble tea from a Thai cart (both delicious).  I found a ring and a purse from the artists' tents.  Every artist (and really every person I met in Portland!) was so extremely friendly.  There was a band playing, a man walking around asking people to sign a petition to legalize marijuana, a man putting on a juggling show, lots of kids ...

Submitted by: Tammy B.

wooooohooooooo!! Sensory overload!!! SOOOO many things to see, hear, touch & taste!! This is some awesome people watching territory!! You'll def come across all walks of life- 2 and 4 legged : ) I had the most AHHHHHMAZING Greek salad wrap!! Huge, fresh crispy veggies, lots of feta and a delicious tzatziki sauce. Loads of cucumber!! And dill! I asked for a little hot sauce too, which made it perfect!!! It's nice to find something so delicious- light yet filling!! And not covered or cooked in oil. I love me some deep fried shit, but having a healthy and so freakin good alternative is seriously refreshing!! The second best part was being able to wash it down with an ice cold pint- thank you rogue!! Lots of stu...

Submitted by: Duane C.

The most important takeaway from this review should be:  THIS IS NOT THE FARMER'S MARKET.  You will not find the meat, produce, or dairy products typically found at a farmer's market.  Again, this is because THIS IS NOT THE FARMER'S MARKET.  There are food vendors that sell prepared food and okay maybe there is a vendor or two that does homemade sauces and doggie treats, but if you want a farmer's market go to the one in the Park blocks down by PSU. Saturday Market (open on Sunday's too) is a great place to find eclectic gifts, local craft vendors, and a global selection of food vendors.  I highly recommend sticking to the food vendors closest to the waterfront for maximum satisfaction.  The guys on the oppo...

Submitted by: Erin B.

I never buy anything. Yeah, i'm one of "those" people. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I know quite of bit of the crafts are overpriced junk. Tye dyed t-shirts? Crazy water filled balloons on strings? Ceramic soap dispensers? I've seen it all before and I wasn't impressed the first time. I leave...

Submitted by: Fourty F.

Yo if you're ever up in Portland - Don't EVER sell this place out man - Portland KNOWS how to get down on the Saturday Market tip! I swear I added a photo or Checked In! cause just like other people on Yelp (reading through some old entries as this wireless access for travelers is stalling...) I couldn't believe that this goes on through the Spring and Summer months EVERY Saturaday and Sunday...FOR REAL...this place was banging... The Greek food...well the line was long...so long I/you could play Angry Birds or something for 20 minutes...was worth it - even though I ordered the Lamb gyro and got the Chicken Gyro..it was great...we also went two stands down and got the fish & chips which were amazing...The fi...

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