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Washington Marina - 1300 Maine Ave SW, Washington, District of Columbia

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Submitted by: M. G.

We went on the fourth of July cruise last night.  We had our 2 young kids with us.  We found the boarding gate easily by following the directions on our vouchers.  The cruise itself was ok, definitely not worth $75 for my 5 year old.  They over served alcohol to a couple of people.  Making it not so nice when there were l...

Submitted by: Esther Z.

My party of 4 adults 2 kids  used a Groupon 50% off coupon for the SPRINGTIME Harbor hour cruise. We were early so we had time to find the place. Finally saw someone to ask. There was no sign on the spot. I would not pay full price for the trip. Tourist were listening to us point out important sights to our 4 tourist guest because this t...

Submitted by: J S.

I am not really sure what I paid for?  Certainly not views of DC's landmarks, which are only seen in the distance (not up close as you might expect if you visited their website). I guess the ticket price was for the lack luster and often hard to hear narration except, not surprisingly, for the pushing of their fairly high priced drinks. I really wanted to enjoy this but both the crew and the boat appeared a bit tired even though this is their first season.   I am trying to figure out who might enjoy this cruise, but it isn't good for a date, (noisy and no privacy), nor a family outing (loud music and pushing the drinks). I thought I got a good deal on Groupon, but I didn't and I can't imagine what those peop...

Submitted by: Elaine O.

I geek out over tourist attractions so I was stoked about the Groupon and Goldstar deals for this twilight cruise of the monuments. This was so lame. Announcer talked about the drink specials more than the monuments.  He pointed a few out in the distance, way before we...

Submitted by: chester c.

The actual boat ride is about 90 minutes; you don't actually get the full 2-hour ride that is advertised on the website. Boat left almost 20 minutes after 7pm and people were still trying to get on then. They serve beer, soda, and water. A can of soda is $2, a bottle of cold water is $3, and beer is $4. There weren't really any comfortable seats; unless you count steel benches as comfortable or if you have a really big maximus gluteus. Only the back end of the boat had a few padded benches, which were quickly taken as soon as people started boarding. The boat ride was a-ok. Boat travels pretty slow so don't worry if you're concerned about motion sickness. The boat will take you down Anacostia river and up th...


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