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Powell’s City of Books, Portland, Oregon

1005 W Burnside, Portland, Oregon

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City of books is the name for ,this place

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There is a nice coffee shop, as part of the store. We had coffee and the kids were happy to get their snacks there.

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Submitted by: Tres B.

Okay, so I've been here a 1000 times and  Powell's has been reviewed over a 1000 times. So why add to the scrum? Because this is the touchstone destination to my favorite city Portland, as is the stone to Blarney. Perhaps when I lived in Portland, I took this place a bit for granted. But Borders has failed, Half Price Books is on the ropes and Barnes and Nobles is passe'. So today, Powell's is almost as much museum as bookstore. Stacked and packed with tangible ready material..yes kids you can get a lovely paper cut from these things.. there was time even in my recollection that most big cities had giant bookstores akin to Powells. But in this city of rain and fireplaces and Craftsmen homes, books - real boo...

Submitted by: Stacy J.

Powell's City of Books is absolutely amazing! Anybody could find a book to interest them here. It has literally every category and interest group possible. It has the most expansive book selections I have ever seen, from kids books, to teen novels, everything else. It has it all. Even the "weird" stuff that people are like "What they really make books about that?!". Not only do they have every book imaginable (including text books), they also have other cool things to buy such as journals, to do lists, photo albums, games, pens, bookmarks, funny toys, magnets, etc. Everything there is priced great too. My favorite feature of Powell's is that they have new AND used books. So you can get a brand new book or pa...

Submitted by: Tiffany B.

What a better place to hang out on a Pacific NW rainy afternoon?   Powell's has so much to choose from, one could easily go broke in one day! I like the bargain books myself, I always find a book or two every time. The people are also fun t...

Submitted by: B W.

Can't deny the selection (although the one travel writing book I was looking for they didn't have go figure ). My son loved the sci fi, war hammer, steampunk, graphic n...

Submitted by: Lily L.

Powells was so fun when i went to it i even found books that my ancester wrote i got 3 books and a bag my brother got some magazines and my mom and dad got some books the books. what i got was 11 birthdays wich i recamend for 11 year olds its about theese to kids ...

Submitted by: janine a.

This store is my heaven.  I could just live here.  I have young children and we spent 3 hours in the enormous children's section and still hadn't seen it all. Lots of wonderful discounts on hardboun...

Submitted by: Belle B.

New books, old books, journals, magazine, newspapers, book related items, non-book related items, toys, games, novelties. This place has it all. I could have spent hours here (in fact I think we did spend a few hours here). It is easy to get lost among the towers of shelves (if you wanted to of course, because there are signs everywhere so you know where to go). I was looking for a Portland specific baby book for a friend and of course I found that and more. There were some items that I know I could get on Amazon for less, but there were so many more things that I know I probably couldn't find anywhere else without a great deal of effort. This place is really well organized and the staff are very helpful and...

Submitted by: Kevin F.

Holy Jesus Books!  More books than you can shake a stick at.  So many books you could ditch that kid you never wanted and not feel bad 'cause it's getting a good education here. Seriously if you want a book -- ANY BOOK -- ...

Submitted by: Kalani F.

As everyone else said, this is the best book store, quite possibly in the world. Huge. Find something new and exciting every time. Color coded. As a kid, I would probably be here from sunup to sundown, amazed at every corner, every shelf and every person I would see that would be in a similar state of euphoria as me. This is a place where I go find ...


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