Preservation Hall, New Orleans, Louisiana

726 St. Peter St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

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Founded in 1961 to protect and honor New Orleans jazz, Preservation Hall is a musical venue and among the top tourist attractions in the French Quarter of Louisiana. Originally built as a private residence in 1750, Preservation Hall is a tavern, inn, photography studio and art gallery containing portraits of the musicians who brought jazz to New Orleans. Traditional New Orleans-style jazz was waning with the introduction of modern jazz and rock and roll. But thanks to Allan and Sandra Jaffe, Preservation Hall’s founders, New Orleans jazz is going strong and the venue is filled to capacity with people who come to listen to veteran musicians in their 70s and 80s as well as and younger musicians. Music lovers and parents who want to introduce their children to traditional jazz can choose from three nightly 45-minute performances. There’s often a line to get inside, which may be worth it to avoid having to sit on the floor if the shows sell out. Preservation Hall is an older building that is not very spacious. Its popularity stems from the tradition and history of New Orleans-style jazz performed by veteran musicians. It is an educational, must-see family attraction.

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This is a family-friendly venue that welcomes all ages. No alcohol is served.

Address: 726 St. Peter St, New Orleans, Louisiana 70116

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Phone: 504-522-2841
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Price: Adults & Children: $12 More Info

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Submitted by: Sing W.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Preservation Hall! My family and I went on a thursday night...we were warned to arrive early so we could actually find a seat but did not follow the warning.  Boy did we regret it!  Since this place does not have alot of room, there are not alot of space for in, there were only a couple of benches.   My family and I opted to stand in the back because we didn't want to squeeze onto the floor with some of the audience.  Although we were in the back, we still felt the energy of the band!  When they started playing their first set, I swear---everyone started getting into the groove!   Even my dad, who never really dances, started jiving and snapping along to the beat!   Although...

Submitted by: Miriam W.

This is it, the epicenter of all that is eternally fabulous about the New Orleans jazz scene. A revolving roster of local talent in a building that would probably be condemned in any other town, swinging nightly since 1961. The doors open at 8, but be early, as you'll stand in line. On a Tuesday. Seats are limited, so you'll probably stand, as we did, but that was okay by me, as I could not stop moving anyway. Jason Marsalis (yes, of THAT Marsalis there no end to the talent in this family?) was drumming the night we went, and I kept time to the beat, clapping, all the way through his drum solo. He blew me a kiss. My exuberance was probably appreciated, as the Asian and Scandinavian tourists that st...

Submitted by: Maggie H.

Go to Preservation Hall!  I think I am going to make t-shirts that say that to wear around.  :)   Not only does this place hold so much historical significance it is crazy, but you will hear amazing local music.   The setting of Preservation Hall transports you to a time when people would sit around in a hot roo...

Submitted by: marlenee e.

Preservation Hall goes on the list of sacred places such as Castro Theater in San Francisco or The Paramount in Oakland. Opposite of a gilded movie palace, Preservation Hall is in a tiny,  rustic room where you can listen to Dixieland jazz in the heart of the French Quarter.  I guess what I like more than the intimacy between audience and musician is the fact it is very much in the family.  The younger band members, Mark and Ben, have taken the place of their parents giving Preservation Hall a nice sense of tradition and timelessness.   One final note: Whoever says no to the good-for-kids question, I have to kindly disagree.  I can not wait to take my kids here.  I  think this would be a great experience for...

Submitted by: Tess E.

I went here with my parents when I was fourteen and didn't fully appreciate the experience at the time, probably because I was just beginning that awkward teenager ...

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