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Provincetown, Provincetown, Massachusetts

260 Commercial St, Provincetown, Massachusetts

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Half Day trip to Provincetown

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There is a parking lot on the main street, approximately halfway down on the left side. There are public restrooms, well marked with signage along the street, but there is also a public restroom in the library which is kind of cool because there is a HUGE boat right in the middle of the main room!

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Submitted by: Janet D.

OK, if you take the scenic route, you shave a chunk off your life to get here. It's allllllll the way at the tip of the cape. If you're not into trading this chunk of life for consummate Cape Cod scenery, take the main highway...you'll get there in about half the time. I was questioning my decision to listen to our innkeeper who said not to miss this place... ...until we pulled into town. Being summer, we pulled in with hordes of other people. But, I didn't care. This was the cutest little beach community...with its own unique personality. A cute harbor, sand dunes, tons of touristy and chic boutiques, and a flamboyant Pride vibe. Loved it!!! We didn't want to miss anything, so we opted for the trolley tour....

Submitted by: L L.

It is an interesting town to visit but not to stay if you are on a family vacation.   Definitely take 1/2 - 1 day walking around the piers and the Commerce Street when you are in Cape Cod. btw...  th...


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