Race Point Beach, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Race Point Rd, Provincetown, Massachusetts . 02

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The currents here can get pretty strong, so always keep an eye on small children.

Address: Race Point Rd, Provincetown, Massachusetts . 02

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Phone: 508-487-7000
URL: http://www.capecodchamber.org/
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Q K.

Overall, a great beach and park experience.  Beach itself is beautiful.  Great views, large dunes, serene setting.  Beach was busy, but no problem to find a place to spread out.  An extended walk from lot to beach, but bearable.  Only down sides were the coldish water and views were slightly obstructed by RVs parked on dis...

Submitted by: Jonathan M.

I grew up going to Coast Guard Beach, Nauset, and Nauset Light.  My first trip to Race Point was this past week.  It was very quiet at the beach (probably early in the season).   The parking is on site but it is a haul across the dunes to get to the water.  That probably isn't great for families with little one...

Submitted by: Christopher T.

My favorite beach in provincetown, no rocks and soft sand. You can drive there and park or ride in on your bike and park it at...

Submitted by: Melissa A.

Beaches are never what I expect them to be. Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania, naturally my family would travel to New Jersey during the summer. We'd always go to Wildwood and the beach there is dumpy, full of condoms, syringes, and cheap spring breakers. And the beaches were always crowded with tons of shitty music, tanned PA'ers, NJ'ers and NY'ers. There'd be kids running around tripping on you. People would walk around asking if you wanted to buy ice cream. Small planes would fly overhead with ads for happy hour at some local bar. Lifeguards would yell at everyone for having fun. That's kind of what I thought all beaches were like. But after our bike ride, we arrived here and it was nothing like Wildwood...

Submitted by: Jim W.

Great beach, as other reviewers mentioned.  Water doesn't get as warm on this side of the cape, not great for swimming (at least not for long).   Sand dunes here are really nice and peaceful.  Last time we were out here we had a sea lion playing peek-a-boo in and ou...

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