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Reunion Tower, Dallas, Texas

300 Reunion Blvd W, Dallas, Texas

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Submitted by: Alex R.

My review might be a bit dated... 6 years old, but I remember going here with my family on special occasions when I lived in Dallas and loving every min of it.  I am not talking about the hotel with which this place is connected to, but instead the tall tower, that when looking at it has a big glass ball on top with lots of lights.  The floor slowly spins, it makes on rotation an hour and the building is so amazing.  A huge glass ball that you sit in with two stories, the top is I guess for desserts and the bottom for the restaurant.  I remember the place being expensive, since we only went on special occasions.  It was worth it though, the greatest shakes hehe and some awesome food.  After 6 or 7 years I st...


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