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Rio San Antonio Cruises, San Antonio, Texas

Four stations along River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

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A great way to experience San Antonio

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Tips for Families

Rio SA cruises offers discounts for locals, military, and seniors, so remember to bring your ID. Also, the boats don’t have canopies, so be sure to bring sunscreen.

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Submitted by: Judy H.

What a waste. Paid out $8.25 per person for 4 of us to not understand the "captain", Roy.  Not sure if it was his accent, his mumbling or if he forgot to put his teeth in. Hard to understand him is a understatement... of ...

Submitted by: Lisa B.

This is probably good for someone with kids or people who want a view of the Riverwalk without the actual walk part. But I was hoping for a t...

Submitted by: Warren P.

Good time, very interesting. So sad when the family on...

Submitted by: Chuck F.

One of the must do's when coming to San Antonio; especially, when getting to know the historic Riverwalk.  Perfect for the young and the young at heart. The tour:  From a tourist prospective, the cruise offered a splendid visual tour though it's many man-made canals & bridge underpasses.  This 45-minute to an hour excursion was a great way to bring friends and family together to see a beautiful parts/ history of this beautiful city.  The barge driver takes you on a historical narration of how the Riverwalk evolved, how it runs, and what it contributes/ benefits San Antonionians today. My perspective:  I was in complete awe most of the evening.  Like a kid, in pure engineering wonder.  I couldn't have picked ...

Submitted by: Allison F.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I have been one of these little cruise boats not just once, or even three times, but a grand total of five times. And I have lived here a year and a half. Does this put me in the ranks of someone who reads only historical fiction and goes to Civil War reenactments? I hope not but I just can't help myself. This tour is so freakin' amazing. Okay, let's talk about why I am addicted to these tours. 1. They are cheap, only $7 for a tour of an area that can get pretty tiring to walk all around. 2. Guides are always hilarious, whether they are busting out into song or original poetry (I've had both) or just regaling me with random tidbits about the Riverwalk. 3. Cruising down ...

Submitted by: Luis R.

This review is for the new section (River North) the one that goes through the locks up to the Pearl Brewery. I am ok with the regular boat tour. 27 June 2009 Oh My God!!! Avoid this section at all costs!!! I paid $60 for 4....$15 each, two of them 3 years discounts. That was the third bad experience on the Tour. The first bad experience was trying to buy a ticket. The person at the booth close to the Mall was not to helpful or clear on what I needed to do. I had to go ask twice before getting a decent response. You have to wait for the Taxi boat somewhere around the Mall u-turn, buy your tickets on the boat with cash...bad experience and inconvenience #2, for $15 each....super inconvenience

Submitted by: Jamie L.

We had family in town a few weeks ago, so we decided to act like tourists and hop on one of the river boats. Our guide was funny and easily kept our attention. T...


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