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Rockefeller Center, New York City, New York

600 5th Ave, New York City, New York

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Submitted by: Courtney W.

On my one and only trip to NYC, this was my request. I just had to stop here and stare in the middle of February with the temperature hovering at about 4 degrees. I can't ice skate but it was fun watching everyone else. There is something so iconic about this landmark in New York. Let's be honest, almost everything New York could be considered a la...

Submitted by: Scott S.

We did everything here this past weekend.  The skating was wonderful with only a short wait.  Very well organized and we got to see the tree being setup by the crews.  Now I know why people come here, it is massive.  We hit many of the stores and shops nearby and found all of the staff to be extraordinarily helpful.  So helpful in fact...

Submitted by: Juliana N.

If you are going to New York in the winter, this is an obvious must see. It is ALWAYS packed. No matter what. I went on a day during a huge snow storm and you could barely walk outside, and it was still crazy. The Christmas tree is beautiful to see lit up, and the ice skaters are fun to watch. I decided not to go ice skating since it costs around $30 for like half an hour, and the rink is smaller then my local one which you can get in for under ten dollars including skate rentals. And there are kids flying everywhere, people falling, accidents happening, so I prefer to just watch. If you've never been to the city or haven't seen the Times Square/surrounding areas, this is a must see. There are lots of fun sh...

Submitted by: Willy W.

Is it a tourist trap? Most definitely. But being a tourist and a big 30 Rock fan - I just simply had to go (I say again, but going as a kid doesn't really count). There's a lot of things going on in and around Rockefeller. I think the most conjured up thought would be the ice skating rink and big christmas tree (winter months only, duh). The main draw is probably all the shops (the Lego one is awesome since they have a replica Rockefeller Center and various other Lego statues inside) and "Top of the Rock" where you can go to top of the building to get a great view of NYC. While not as, historically speaking, grand as the Empire State building the line is MUCH shorter. You can purchase tickets online or on th...

Submitted by: Gabrielle G.

It was a cool place for me and my friends to check out. I enjoyed watching people skate in the rink. The view from the top was amazing, very beautiful. I recommend going at night so you can see all the lights in the city. The...

Submitted by: Christina V.

This place is a tourist trap! But how can you not love it for what it offers, especially during the holidays? I got to be extra close to the tree for the lighting for this past Christmas season (my uncle is NYPD so I was in the NYPD family viewing area, which was about 15 feet away from the tree - got to meet Boyz II Men and some weirdo f...

Submitted by: Don W.

Chestnuts.  It's all about the smell of roasted chestnuts.  I went here regularly when I was a little kid and the smell of the chestnuts is my favorite memory.  I never ice skated in the winter and never ate at the restaurant in the summer, but my father worked inside and I got to see him now and then.  I even got to show a girlfriend the studio used for Saturday Night Live when nobody else was around (Gene Shalit was horrified that he wasn't the center of attention in the control room).  I've been going to Rockefeller Center forever and it's a part of me.  Minus one star because I know it so well but it has no idea who I am.  Here we are in the 21st century and I'm a total stranger when I'm there.  It feels...

Submitted by: John N.

When I think of Christmas in NYC then Rockefeller center came to my image and how kids are ice skating around the rink. My idea came true last weekend on Christmas day when I saw it live. It was snowing and the christmas tree look gorgerous and there were soooo many people around doing the...

Submitted by: Joy G.

This gets two stars this year for crowd control. The crowd was absolutely out of control to the point of shoulder-to-shoulder, people being pushed, shoved, stepped on and cursed at. They need to figure out crowd ...


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