Royal Hawaiian Surf Academy, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii

117 Prison St, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

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Address: 117 Prison St, Kaanapali/Lahaina, Hawaii 96761

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Hours: Lessons are by appointment only. Check schedule. More Info
Price: Prices vary based on size of group and length of lesson. For details, check prices. More Info

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Submitted by: Scott F.

This was a great activity for the whole family, including our 7yo. The office is a bit off the path, but just anyone in Lahaina and they can point you to it. We did a morning lesson and everyone in the family was able to get up and ride a few waves. Shockingly, our 7yo stole the show and pretty much rode every wave that came his way. Our instructor was Steve and he was pretty much what you would expect - young, laid back and with a sense of humor. He kept calling my wife 'mom', which got a laugh from all of us. On thing of note - I thought a 2hr lesson was short, but by the end, we were all beat. My 7yo, even though in a rash shirt and staying on his board, was cold by the end. Lastly, they don't take credit...

Submitted by: Nic W.

My instructor (I wish I knew his name... I just know he was pro snowboarder until he got hurt and started surfing at 5 and has bright blue eyes) was having a bad day or something.  We're on shore and we learn all the basics in about 15-20 minutes but we don't learn any water etiquette which is fine... except when we get out there and I try to ride my first wave (FAIL) he gets real upset that I don't pull my board away from other riders and toward me.  Well how was I suppose to know if you just throw me in the water?  I'm sure he saw something dangerous but seriously, you can't admonish me for NOT doing something when I didn't know we weren't suppose to do it.  He's real unclear as to where he wants his stude...

Submitted by: Jules T.

We signed up an evening 2 days prior for a 9 am lesson.  $55 pp for 2 hour lesson.  We had a party of 5.  2 adults, 3 teens - Four of us had never surfed. Jules at the front desk knows her stuff so ask for her if you have questions.   Equipment is well used but fine for lessons.   They provide boards, water socks and rash guards.  You'll start at the beach in Lahaina - a short block walk from the school and will begin with a short but thorough run through on basics and safety.   Then head to the buoy and watch while one at a time each of us hit the waves.   We all agreed, we had the best instructor, Zane.  He was fun, encouraging and patient.  Easy going and great instructor.  Very nice to the kids (teens) a...

Submitted by: Erin F.

We liked Steve very much.  He was g...

Submitted by: jessica c.

My boyfriend and I have been to Hawaii several times and he's always wanted to do surfing lessons. So when we went back this past month he signed up here and convinced me to do it with him. I'm not a strong swimmer so I have always been weary about surfing. That and this place was featured on mtv's "living lahaina" reality tv show a couple years back and many of the instructors on the shows seemed to be jerks, so being a girl in my early 20's that was another thing I was concerned about. So glad I did it though. It was $110 for both of us to do a 2-hour group lesson. Be aware that they do not take credit/debit here, only cash (they might take checks, but I'm not sure on that one). We were told there would on...

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