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Rustler's Rooste Restaurant, Phoenix, Arizona

8383 S 48th St, Phoenix, Arizona

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Submitted by: Mark W.

I arrived with my three year old asleep in her car seat.  She was probably out for the night.  I promptly woke her up and after passing a rather large bull we entered the cave.  A few more turns and we entered the restaurant on the second floor.  At this point, we were given the choice of slide or stairs down to the dining area.  I parted ways with my daughter at this point.  I didn't need The DVD player to entertain her this meal, the slide entertained her till the food arrived.  She came back briefly in tears with an incoherent story about some collision, and then went back to sliding.  With some older kids present, letting a three year old free to slide was a little dubious, but sipping my water in silenc...

Submitted by: Thomas S.

Now the last time I was at The Rooste, I was bedazzled in pink Hello Kitty cowboy hat taking home first prize. I think it was some kind of yelp sticker lol! And that's when I got the full flavor of this meaty, enormous yet charming country restaurant/bar/event facility/iconic Phoenix restaurant. We yelpers devoured the buffet and downed some free beer. This time, a little different...Let the sawdust fly! Picture this. South Mountain. Covered in careening white mini vans and large American cars. Children. Everywhere. Like Children of the Corn. Octogenarians with walkers complete with two yellow tennis balls. Parents scrambling to keep their brood in order. Teenagers glued to their smart phones, completely una...

Submitted by: Kathi M.

An interesting place to go. Cowboy theme all the way here! Beautiful settings around the structures around the outside of the restaurant. They have a smelly bull outside that looks cute and pointy. The entrance has quite an incline when you get inside. There is an option to go down the slide but it is mobbed by kids going down it and then climbing right back up the stairs. You will have to stake your claim because that line is fierce! :) The prime rib was good and the Melon Margarita was better then good. The Beef Nachos were AWESOME. I would get that for my meal and not miss a thing. The band that was playing was a great older country band that had people dancing. It was a relaxing country, not the put on s...

Submitted by: Marie M.

Love this place and better yet, so did my kid!  Great food (there is a ton of it) and even better atmosphere.  Don't count on the...

Submitted by: Anne W.

Food is average, not at all a value for the price. My steak had almost no flavor. Service was average. The waitress wasn't as friendly as her cowboy hat and boots led me to believe she'd be, nor was she very attentive. They were mostly able to accommodate my food allergies.  The rice has butter, the corn is pre-buttered and for whatever reason I wasn't able to sub fries for my rice, but whatever.  The steamed veggies I had were good, and obviously way healthier than fries anyway. But this place earns its two stars based on the fun "extras": a slide that our kids loved, a kids menu that doubles as a hat that looks like bull horns, a guy that makes balloon animals, a band (that happened to play some of my fave...

Submitted by: Marsella M.

Rustler's Rooste is a fun, lively place to take your family when staying at the Arizona Grand Resort.  The live music, slide into the dining room, and gigantic bull outside all combine to make this a unique adventure.  The  views from the outside patio are stunning and it's a good place to take hyper, fidgeting kids to let off some steam before or after di...

Submitted by: Edgar T.

I am a meat eater and I love anything juicy and fulfilling!!!!  I decided to wonder in, after a day basquing in the sun all day at the resorts waterpark.  the View is amazing, the smell of the damn cattle in front of the door, unpleasent.  But once you pass that, walk in thru a mine like entrance , almost upwards a tight shaft, then you are greeted my sweet gals that offer you to either walk down the stairs to your table, or slide down the slide.  I chose to slide down the slide, in short shorts..oooopssssies camel toe.  ;)  Old wood floors covered in sawdust and men in cowboy hats.  There is a live band playing while kids are dancing around having a blast.   The theme is working....  We have a great seat ov...

Submitted by: sara g.

What a horrible experience for my children! Thinking they were going to be able to use the slide, the rude manager had other ideas.....upon our arrival it was brought to our attention it closed down for seniors only? Wtf? They told us it would only be for a few min, aol we sat down ate our meal & on our way out my kids were told once again another senior bus was coming & they needed it once again. Can someone please tell me why the seniors cannot wait in line with the children????? My kids were so upset and dusappointed. We will never go back there again, the manager was so rude and ruined our experience  after I confronted him on why the slide had to be closed for the adults???? Come on slides are for kids ...

Submitted by: Michael T.

Rustler's Rooste is a fun place to go for the ambiance, it is however not a place to go if you are interested in a good steak. The food is typical but not at a level that I would consider a normal steakhouse to be at. The meat was cooked close to correctly but lacked any real flavor. The s...


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