San Antonio Children’s Museum, San Antonio, Texas

305 E Houston St, San Antonio, Texas 78205

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Address: 305 E Houston St, San Antonio, Texas 78205

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Phone: 210-212-4453
Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am - 5 pm, Sat 9 am - 6 pm, Sun 12 pm - 5 pm
Price: Adults and Children (2+): $7; Children under 2: Free

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If you park in the Mid City/Houston garage or the St. Mary’s garage, bring your ticket stub to the museum desk. They will validate it for one hour of free parking.

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Submitted by: Amy R.

AMAZING! I love this place. My son is just a toddler (16 months) but he absolutely loves coming here, it's like he knows when he sees the front of the building, where he is! He runs inside and just goes absolutely crazy! Even though he's so young, he still enjoys pretty much everything and it's aimed towards any children under 10 years old! I wish I would've gone here when I was little, I can only imagine how much fun I would've had too! We come here at least twice a month, it's definitely worth it for us. The only pain in the butt is the parking since they don't have a private lot. Apparently you can park in certain garages downtown and they will validate your ticket for an hour free. I made the mistake of ...

Submitted by: Leti B.

Sure, the exhibits don't change and it's $7 a person, but the kids LOVE it!  They have all kinds of fun, interactive activities for the kids that never get old (at least to the kids).  As an adult, you might get bored of the exhibits after an hour of visiting, but this isn't for the adults, it's for the children!  They have plenty of things to keep...

Submitted by: terry w.

i agree with alisa r. it's pretty expensive for what you get...which isn't much. most of the activities were pretty old and cheesy. the coolest part was th...

Submitted by: Alisa R.

This is where you go to become a kid for a day. They have some of the coolest exhibits I have ever seen at children's museums and I have been to plenty of them! The airplane in the middle of the 2nd floor requires us all to strap in for a take off by your very own child. The bubble machine is awesome, surrounding yourself with a bubble has never been more John Travolta. The little marketplace is where my kids had the best time, putting fruit and food in their carts and checking out with the child playing cashier. I think I sat there for at least an hour watching them. They have a real ATM and an exhibit on money "sense". Although it is a little pricey, $7 per person, 2 and up - every 3rd Thursday, the kids c...

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