San Diego Air and Space Museum, San Diego, California

2001 Pan American Plz, San Diego, California 92101

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Address: 2001 Pan American Plz, San Diego, California 92101

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Phone: 619-234-8291
Hours: Check schedule More Info
Price: Adults (12+): $17.50; Children (3-11): $7; Children under 3: Free; Seniors, Students & Retired Military: $14.50; Active Military: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Jen S.

This place brings out the kid in me each time I visit it. The first time i came here was for a field trip back in 1984, and I find myself just as excited to look at the planes and space capsules now, as i did then. They have a great display on space capsules, astronauts and their equipment, rovers, etc. Also some cool WWII planes and ...

Submitted by: Rain C.

What a nice little museum!  Its great for kids because its not too big BUT has plenty of planes to see.  Our favorite part was the little cafe...

Submitted by: K O.

Even with a coupon, it's pricey to get in. But I am not an aviation or space enthusiast. I took my boys and husband because they are. The three of them could have stayed longer. But my three girls and I had had enough after 2 hours. Many interesting video clips capturing ae...

Submitted by: Tom P.

great time my son loved it. We got to fly in the simulator, ...

Submitted by: reyz a.

I'm a big fan of airplanes. I've been like that since I flew my first kite. There's plenty of air museums around San Diego (Miramar) or Chino (Yanks, etc). But I like the museum packages around Balboa. For about $16, the Spirit of St. Louis and Amelia Earhart's Lockheed will greet you at the entrance. Then Apollo 9 capsule and story board. Interesting stuff, because that's the crew that tried the Lunar Module docking for the first time. WWI biplanes come next. Then, my favs, the WWII aircrafts, from SBDs, to Zeros, to BF109s to various replica engines. Sneak out to the dome and gaze at the F-4 Phantom hanging, chasing a MIG, by the PBY and the Cobra. Back inside the pavilion and check out Blue Angels F-18 Ho...

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