San Diego Model Railroad Museum, San Diego, California

1649 El Prado Suite 4, San Diego, California 92101

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Address: 1649 El Prado Suite 4, San Diego, California 92101

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Phone: 619-696-0199
Hours: Tue-Fri 11 am - 4 pm; Sat-Sun 11 am - 5 pm More Info
Price: Adults (15-64): $8; Seniors (65+): $6; Students (w/ID): $3; Children under 15: Free More Info

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Submitted by: Sheryl H.

we came here during the holidays so there was a special section where the trains were decorated with christmas lights and snow. i loved seeing all the classic sets that were beautifully hand crafted and REALLY expensive as well as the random ones (toys) you may recognize from you childhood. the people were really friendly and were happy to ...

Submitted by: Kate G.

This is a little boy's paradise!  So many model trains, so little time!  Everyone knows a little boy who loves Brio sets and would love to have his own choo choo set going around his room, right?  This is the place to take him to! This is also a great place for anyone else who wants to come see some pretty cool model railroads.  Everyone who works/volunteers here is so enthusiastic about model railroads.  They're pretty cool and a lot of fun to look at.  The gift shop here has Thomas the Tank Engine souvenirs.. which could be a good, or a very, very bad thing depending on how much cash you have in your pocketbook.  My little brother loved this place.. and I'm pretty sure my poor parents spent way too much mo...

Submitted by: Chad S.

After a less than spectacular trip to the San Diego Automotive Museum, my girlfriend and I crossed the plaza to see the Model Railroad Museum.  I've a childhood love for model railroads as well as cars, and after the first museum I wasn't expecting to find much at the second. I was so very, very wrong - and quite sufficiently impressed. The Model Railroad Museum is run by volunteers from the local model railroading clubs, and there are a number of amazingly impressive displays set up.  On entering, I was rewarded with the sight of a hundred-car HO-Scale freight train being pulled by five diesel-electric locomotives.  It was literally more train cars on a single train than I'd ever seen displayed in one place...

Submitted by: Raquel C.

Do you have a child who loves trains? Then you MUST come here. Better yet, support the museum and get an annual pass. My husband loves taking our son here once a week or so to watch the trains. They even have a cool area with train tables for the kids. I am considering hosting his...

Submitted by: Guy C.

It's a sweet little place.  I never fully understood the hobby, but my Dad loved the hobby dearly. It took me a long time to come to understand that what is done here is yet another form of art, built from imagination and intricately detailed.  There is a lot of work done here, and a lot of sets to see.  The people who run the museum have a clear love for their craft, and it shows.  It's nice to see that level of enthusiasm for anything.  And it's very family friendly, meaning anyone can truly get into it and "play".  It's a very accessible museum. My Dad's passed on since that visit, and I can't pass this place without thinking of him, or that time.  But it's a wonderful place for Fathers to take their sons...

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