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San Diego Natural History Museum, San Diego, California

1788 El Prado, San Diego, California

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Bring a packed lunch to enjoy by the fountain outside. It is affiliated with other museums, so we got in free. It pays to belong to a children's museum!

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Submitted by: Kristen s.

This is by far my favorite museum in San Diego and I have been to most of them...even the smaller ones. They always have new exhibits to keep things interesting. I LOVE their gem and mineral exhibit. ...

Submitted by: Ray H.

taking advantage of the first tuesday of each month is one of the best perks for san diego locals.  actually, taking advantage of every tuesday, because you can get in free into choice museums.  the first happens to contain the natural history museum. who doesn't get excited about dinosaurs? i'm 30 years old, and i am definitely not so far removed as to not get excited when i see something that resembles the t-rex (which is their allosaurus on the first level). along with all the other plant and animal factoids! this museum has tons to see and definitely enough content in it for hours upon hours of exploring and learning. the staff is helpful and friendly.  i would recommend heading in there in the early aft...

Submitted by: Alex C.

I have been a member of this museum off and on for a few years, and I can't help but be a bit disappointed by it.  I take a bit of a nostalgic look at the NHM, as I remember spending many, many afternoons as a kid exploring their vast collections, in which you could learn all about Southern California wildlife and the amazing variety of sea life off of our shores.  Alas, the "expansion" they undertook several years ago obliterated the vast, albeit dated-looking, exhibits, and I can't say for the better. What's left is a building that looks twice as big from the outside, but has a surpirisingly tiny amount of space devoted to actual exihbits, and a miniscule amount that is permanant.  It seems strange that a ...

Submitted by: Jim L.

This museum is a great way to spend a couple of hours out and about in San Diego and a great way to get your child interested in the sciences. While it may not be renowned as other natural history museums, it serves it cause for San Diego only because there are some many more things to see and do here, being in a warm climate. While here, we took in the 3D "The Ultimate Wave Tahiti" which was a pretty cool documentary including Kelly Slater. It was a nice day outside and this little breather allowed me to sit on my butt for 20 minutes in a dark location and relax. Oh yeah, the film was pretty cool as well. There aren't a tremendous amount of exhibits here but if you take your time and read all the placards, ...

Submitted by: Tammy G.

This is a good starter museum for children. It is small, has interesting things to look at, but nothing amazing on an adult level. Although, we did enjoy it as well. I don't think it is fair to compare it to the HUGE NY museums, etc. But as a nice family outing, it is definately worth the visit. If I were vacationing in San diego for just a few days, I would likely not stop here, unless the family is into museums, or wants young children to get a nice museum taste, without devoting all day. Local families should definately visit. Our 10 and 12 year old girls found it very fun. It was small enough that it did not overwhelm them, or become boring. It is also small enough to enable visiting more than one museum...

Submitted by: Lindsay K.

I have a four year old who's been obsessed with dinosaurs since he's been able to talk.  Seriously, my son has watched every Jurassic Park movie a bazillion times along with every dinosaur documentary ever made. He's even named himself "P-Rex".  Ok enough about my son and onto the "dinosaur museum" as he calls it. This year we bought a family membership because I knew we'd come here alot just to look at the dinosaur displays.  I've paid for this membership many times over.  I really like this museum.  I'm able to let my kids wander a little bit ahead of me and explore without feeling like I'm neglecting them.  There are quite a few of interactive stations where my boys can be hands on.  I took them there fre...

Submitted by: Yvonne G.

We have a family membership to this museum because if you are a family of four, you pay for the membership if you come twice in a year, which you inevitably will if you have young children who LOVE dinosaurs.  I love this museum because it always has new exhibitions and new movies.  My favorite exhibition was the Dinosaurs one last year, which had full size T-rex, robotic T-rex, miniature (robotic) running T-rex, and various skulls of dinosaurs mounted across an entire wall upstairs.  It, sadly, is no longer there and the new exhibition on penguins is only so-so.  The previous one, Lizards and Snakes ALIVE was great!  We also see the movies regularly--again having children who are fans of dinosaurs makes thi...

Submitted by: kichiguy Z.

This museum has a small exhibition space, with a large portion devoted to dinosaurs. There is one exhibit about penguins that was cute. It had "ice" formations made out of slick plastic and little penguin outfits for small children so they could pretend to be peng...

Submitted by: Alexandra C.

We decided try out a pass for this museum for the year. Some of the reason is because for a family of 4 to go once, is half the price of a yearly family admission. We've gone 3-4 times now and I'm satisfied with the money spent. The kids enjoy themselves when we go. They aren't clamoring to go, but they aren't complaining either. The movies that we've seen have been pretty good. The Sue the Dinosaur movie was great! Although, do NOT see this if your child is under 9 or so! We didn't know that & spent some of the movie covering small eyes with our hands. Didn't really enjoy the sea turtle movie, but thought the Baja California movie was fab. The "All That Glitters" exhibit - beautiful! "Lizards and Snakes Ali...


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