San Francisco Zoo, San Francisco, California

1 Zoo Rd, San Francisco, California 94132

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Address: 1 Zoo Rd, San Francisco, California 94132

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Phone: 415-753-7080
Hours: Winter hours: Nov-Mar Mon-Sun 10 am - 4pm; Summer hours: Mar-Oct Mon-Sun 10 am - 5 pm. For details, check schedule. More Info
Price: Adults (15-64): $15; Children (4-14): $9; Children under 4: Free; Seniors (65+): $12 More Info

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Submitted by: Pablo D.

I remember when this place was a cool place to go.  Don't get me wrong I had fun with my family.  I just feel that more upgrades could be done to the ZOO.  This place reminds me more of Happy Hollow in ...

Submitted by: Lora P.

I'm fond of cats: big and small cats)) As I can enjoy big cats only at the Zoo, I go there alone or with my family from time to time. The SF Zoo is not the best one I've ever seen, but it's comfortable enough and it's a family place: my kid is keen on ani...

Submitted by: Kelly B.

SF/Oakland Zoo comparison.   Overall I've finally decided I like SF Zoo best overall, it's really just a feeling thing, I love the big expansiveness of the park itself.  Oakland Zoo is much smaller and hillier but nice in that way too.   There are some different animals at each zoo, which depending on the kids' interests, may be a factor.  Oakland has the big fruit bats, giant tortoises, elephants, camels and a small reptile room.  SF has the gorillas, penguins, bears (except the tiny Sun Bear at Oakland), rhinos, hippo, great bug house and more big cats.   SF's train ride is better while Oakland has the Skyway.   The SF petting zoo is larger and more varied and you can feed the goats and sheep but that mean...

Submitted by: James T.

I got the membership for $100. Got my moneys worth in a month. Daughter lo...

Submitted by: L a H.

This was the place to be when you were a kid. Unfortunately, now it just seems..sad. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be less animals than usual. And the animals that are there weren't as lively and happy as I remembered when I was a child. The exhibit where all the snakes, butterflies, and birds were seems to always be closed. I did...

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