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Seattle Aquarium, Seattle, Washington

1483 Alaskan Way, Seattle, Washington

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Not my favorite Aquarium

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Lots of fun to hit the piers around the aquarium for the wonderful seafood restaurants that line each pier. You can't go wrong really anywhere. Close walk to public market. Parking is often hard to find. We often park in Myrtle Edwards park and take the trolly or walk to the aquarium. Sometimes you get lucky and find a metered space under highway 99.

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Submitted by: Sylvia C.

Living in San Diego and having to experienced the Sea World there made me expected a lot more from aquariums, but I guess this is just a standard aquarium.  There really isn't that much to look at! my boyfriend and I finished viewing the whole exhibit in about h...

Submitted by: Terry N.

We went to check this place out because we had half off admission tickets and we both enjoy marine life/Aquariums etc. Coming from living on the east coast which has many aquariums, we were trying to lower our expectations. To be honest if we had paid full price we would have been sorely disappointed. The animal...

Submitted by: Chase A.

Went to a corporate private party here that was a lot of fun. They leave the entire aquarium open to wander, which surprised me, and made the whole thing really cool. Nothing says entertainment like drunken fish-gazing! I hadn't been here since I was a kid. The Imax-like giant fish tanks seemed much more giant when I was four feet tall, but were still pretty neat. And the otters and seals were just as cute as I remember. As for party food: the crab cakes were really outstanding, and the scallops wrapped in bacon were great too. Some of the other apps weren't as great. The pasta bar was disappointingly bland. (Glad I filled up on those crab cakes.) The donut-dipping bar, however, was quite fun. The venue was ...

Submitted by: Angela B.

I highly recommend coming here early during the day as there are a lot more volunteers earlier than there are during the late afternoon.  The volunteers are sooo helpful and have a wealth of knowledge to share! Great exhibits, you can touch some of the starfish and other sea creatures.  I also found they pump in the water from right outside so the water is extremely cold because that's the same temperature as outside water. Highly recommend watching the Octopus feeding!  Super entertaining to watch! Great for both kids and adults a like.  And makes for fabulous field trips & outings! Make sure to enjoy the waterfront before or after.  During the summer it's beautiful to walk around outside or grab an ice cre...

Submitted by: Gricelda P.

I bought a Seattle City pass that included a visit to the acuarium while I was there. The acuarium is on the pier downtown and the view from the building is pretty amazing. I would say the variety of fish is nothin...

Submitted by: Anya R.

Who doesn't love fish!?!? In recent years I've been to Monterey Bay Aquarium in Northern California and Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and for sure Seattle Aquarium was the smallest and dingiest. :/ The few neat things about it were: - Inside and outside areas to look at things - Having star fish with more than 5 legs that you can touch- ...

Submitted by: Linda V.

Sorry I don't 1-star things very often, but this is a very unfortunate aquarium. It's small, and it's VERY overpriced. Luckily, we went on an oceans career day, and so we got in for free. But when we walked around, we agreed that we wouldn't ever even dream of paying the full price to see what we saw. Don't get me wrong. It's clean, neat, and organized. But on the other hand, there is seriously nothing special here. I could go to a tropical fish pet store and have more fun. I could go to a Chinese restaurant and look at their live display of fish to eat and be more thrilled. The staff is friendly, so I feel bad for 1-starring it, but come on. As someone else had mentioned, a relatively big port city like Sea...

Submitted by: NANCY L.

Just like what the home page said... Come see a world of squishy, bumpy, sleek, vibrant, adorable, furry, exotic, and weird. Come see wide-eyed children stand face-to-face with a shape-shifting, color-changing, eight-legged wonder of the deep. Come see how an anemone reacts to a gentle poke from a six-year-old's finger. Come see otters ...

Submitted by: Ana H.

Ugh. Overpriced and Underwhelming. I've only been here twice. The first time my prom was held there, Believe me it was much cooler with most of the lights off. Yes it has a touch tank that's entertaining for the kids but everything else is disappointing. You would think a port city like Seattle would have a much more impressive aquarium. Nope. I was hoping for an exhibit on the elusive six gill shark that the Puget Sound is home to. Nope, instead a looped silent video of the shark. The worst offense is that they have a display of a Great White Shark that was caught in the sound and the shark's eye is light brown with a pupil. C'mon! An aquarium full of Marine Biologists and not ONE person corrects this? It's...


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