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Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, Washington

1300 First Ave, Seattle, Washington

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Seattle, Washington

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Submitted by: Gabriela G.

This museum is great! I went there for the Picasso Exhibit and i loved it. The permanent collection is fantastic, Their Contemporary Art Permanent exhibit was visually striking and they had works by Nick Cave who i am a big fan of. The Picasso exhibit was phenomenal. It was divided into 4 parts. Each part was dedicated to one of his female muses. The line went by quickly to get in, and once inside we were able to take our sweet time. The museum store is super cool with arts and crafts, jewelry, books and a large section for children as well. Great coffee shops and places to eat right across the street. It is also within walking distance of the main touristy areas such as the Seattle Fish Market. I will defin...

Submitted by: Rey D.

this week, we took advantage of sam's free admission on first thursdays.  it was our first visit to sam, and it probably won't be our last visit. the building looks large from the street, so i expected more exhibit space than what we saw inside. i'm not a fan of overly abstract modern and contemporary art, but i won't hold it against the museum for devoting a lot of space to them. the staff at sam are friendly and courteous.  they'll enforce the rules, for sure, but aren't mean when doing so. kids are definitely welcome at sam.  there are spaces set aside for kids who could use a break, which i'm sure are appreciated by folks who bring kids, as well as by those who'd like to appreciate the art in relative pe...

Submitted by: Crystal H.

I come here annually with the kids, but happened to get in recently alone and enjoyed it much more.  It's nice to be able to walk around and look without being tugged in a dif...

Submitted by: Kathie s.

As a Christmas gift to the family we bought a membership to the Seattle Art Museum for something different and a great way to see the art.  Yesterday was my first trip to the museum and I must say I could have stayed there for hours.   The Nick Cave Exhibit blew me away.   It brought me back to childhood with some of the things Nick used on the art, It was art that made you feel good while viewing it and I feel like I could talk about it forever.   GO SEE IT! If you have never been to the art museum, here are a couple of things that are added perks:   As you enter the Art Museum there is a coat check area so that you do not have to carry your coat around.  Bring a fully charged cell phone with you as many of...

Submitted by: Neil G.

I've been to this museum a handful of times over the years.  It has evolved into a fine museum with an almost world class collection.  I came here with younger son over Christmas break to see the Picasso exhibit.  It was a major crowd scene.  We finally got tickets for three hours later.  To kill time we went down to the waterfro...

Submitted by: Aaron E.

Sorry, SAM. I would like to give you more stars but I kind of have some issues with you. A lot of this has to do with the Picasso exhibit and how poorly it was managed.  First of all, you have a little less than 24 hours to see it!  GO!  It's an impressive collection and it is an amazing opportunity.  From what I hear they're all sold out of tickets, but go ahead and show up and try and get in... it's worth a try.  As you'll read below, they more than happily let in thousands and thousands of people into a confined space every second! Sooo... SAM really needs to work on their crowd control.  It was pretty unacceptable that they let THAT many people into the Picasso exhibit.  The crowds were just so intense a...

Submitted by: Akvile H.

SAM is amazing! It's so wonderful to have such a great art museum here in Seattle. I grew up going to a lot of museums as a child and this one ranks up there, it's great! There are always great pieces of art decorating each gallery and every exhibit that comes through is worth checking out. Last night I went and saw the Picasso exhibit that came from Paris and it was spectacular. Not only is Picasso my favorite artist, but the size of the exhibit, the audio tour, and the pieces they had on display were really great. I even wandered into other areas of the museum after and I know I said "wow" a bunch of times at different pieces they have there. If you are an art enthusiast, enjoy a fine museum, and in the he...

Submitted by: Tatiana S.

The SAM has done a great job of engaging the community with events like SAM Remix, teen nights, and other programing. They also have a great membership program. If you are a member you have unlimited access to all exhibits including Picasso. I have to say one of the best benefits is the discounted SAM remix tickets and drink tickets that you receive...it really brings added value to your already great membership. If you have an interest in the Arts there is no reason not to get a SAM membership. I bought a dual membership since it was only like an additional $15 compared to the individual membership...It is great to have when company comes in to town and totally pays for itself in the savings in event costs ...

Submitted by: Peggy S.

Picasso Exhibit!  I died!  And can now say that I totally don't understand art one bit! I mean, they were pretty and interesting to look at, and he was quite a subject to study... but I think I simply lack the eyes to understand (though I did enjoy and appreciate!  And was overwhelmed by his fame). The Picasso exhibit was very big, great collection of paintings and sculptures, and the audio device that they provided was very informative, but I learned the most following a bunch of grade school children and their museum tour guide, analyzing and dissecting each painting with them.  Maybe that's my level of artsiness... The museum has a great collection of various things, ranging from modern art to fine china....


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