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Secret Harbour Beach Resort Saint Thomas (Virgin Islands, U.S.), Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, US

Call to Book: 800-775-6132

6280 Estate Nazareth, Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands, US


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The Restaraunt makes Secret Harbor Great

Submitted by: guest

The onsite newly opened Cruzan Rum Bar and the fine dining Sunset Grill were fantastic. Owner(maybe co-owner) "Zach" has done a great job, he seems focused on taking care of the customers. G...

Nice Place

Submitted by: Vivian

It was a nice and comfortable place to stay.Exceptions: Did not know that the restaurant would be under renovations. The foo...

Beautiful Hotel but got Bed Bugs

Submitted by: JohnM

Loved the location and the staff and the entire hotel was great. Great Beach, Gre...

Secret Harbour Beach Resortt

Submitted by: guest

The hotel itself was quite nice, slightly off the beaten path, but very close to nearby Red Hook (where there is an excellent assortment of restaurants, plus ferries to St. Croix and St. John). The staff were all pleasant and helpful.The best and worst part of the hotel is it's restaurant. The food is absolutely divine, and the setting very unique. […] Regrettably, we found the staff to frequently be loud, obnoxious and boisterous as we were trying to enjoy our meal. Additionally, the staff were unreliable, some told us that the restaurant was closing and the menu would be limited, whereas others told us it was open (and then later on that one night it was actually closed). Aside from these shortcomings, the...

Nice Hotel

Submitted by: guest

Used this before Chartering at Mooring...

Best kept secret in St. Thomas

Submitted by: BillR

We loved this place. Low key and perfect for a small family. Loved the fact that it had a ful...

secret harbour

Submitted by: marsha

Very nice secluded hotel....very comfortable an quiet....only problem I had was not enough lighting outside st nite walking to ur was far from restaurant......las...

Great for what it is

Submitted by: guest

It's not the Ritz. It is 30 year old condo's on a great beach with a great restaurant on site, and what you need in a beach vacation.Pros - Simple, Kitchen, picture...

Needs Improvement

Submitted by: LeroyT

The service was excellent. The only things I didn't like was the condition of the room we stayed in- not fancy at all, though our beachfront room did have a great view with spectacular sunsets. The location was a bit hard to find too-- and its not near the main tourist shopping area. The worst was when the night before we left there was no wate...


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