Serendipity 3, New York City, New York

225 E 60th St, New York City, New York 10022

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Unable to accommodate carriages, strollers or bicycles in the restaurant area.

Address: 225 E 60th St, New York City, New York 10022

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Phone: 212-838-3531
Hours: Sun-Thu 11:30 am - midnight, Fri 11:30 am - 1 am, Sat 11:30 am - 2 am
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Submitted by: Alice L.

This is my favorite restaurant in the city.  Coming here instantly transports you to a whimsical, magical place....where an ice cream sundae can cure anything (even a bad day at work)! I came here years ago before all the hype & used to have no trouble whatsoever getting a table.  Fast forward to the present & you'll find tour buses & loads of tourists coming here (after the movie Serendipity where some scenes were shot & all their press on the 24k Sundae which costs $1K & requires 48 hours notice in advance) be prepared to wait for a table (usually you have to wait an hour).  I recommend this place to out of towners especially those who have kids.  If the wait is too long & you have kids, there is alwa...

Submitted by: Shawn N.

Uuuugh. Where to start. Yea, the wait stinks, there are way too many screaming kids in such a tiny area. The worst part? D...

Submitted by: Nathan G.

Expensive, gluttonous desserts.  $15 for a huge sundae--rich slice of cake with a big dollop of ice cream, drenched in some kind of syrup.  Or $9 for just a slice of rich cake.  I don't know how someone can finish the desserts here on his own--toxic.  The wait was 2 hours when I went--strolled around upper east side places for a couple of hours then returned and was seated immediately in accordance with my position on the list.  The regular dishes are unremarkable, below average even.  They are also overpriced.  The service was slow and inattentive.  Dishes range from $15-25 for the most part. Not recommended.  Only go if you want your date or significant other to become oversized, and your wallet to become ...

Submitted by: Wallace G.

My wife insisted that we stop by Serendipity while in NYC so she could try their frozen hot chocolate (that she saw on the Oprah show). It is a tiny place, and if you have a large party the wait my exceed 30 minutes. However, 2-tops are seated quickly. It is extremely pricey for what it is -- they don't hide that. Before you sit down, you see a sign that in...

Submitted by: Vanessa M.

It's cool, it's cute, it's unique, and it's slightly overrated. I was really really looking forward to Serendipity 3. I had heard from friends that the desserts were to-die-for. Definitely a cool joint to hang out if the wait didn't vary from 30-90 minutes. For a group of 4, we were told that it would take roughly an hour to be seated--luckily (and probably due to the fact that long wait times tend to scare people off), it only took half an hour. Desserts-- Recommended: --1--Frrrozen Hot Chocolate-I got to hand it to them. This is absolutely delicious. If I lived in New York and nonchalantly passed through the area, I would stop by to have some frozen hot chocolate--if the wait time was closer to 20 minutes....

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