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Siegfried & Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, Las Vegas, Nevada

3400 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • Visited: June 2013
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My kids could have watched the dolphins all day!

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Tips for Families

Most of the habitat is outside, and even the part that's underground has openings, so save the habitat for a cooler day or go early in the morning or later in the evening.

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Submitted by: Simone H.

First a disclaimer: I work at one of the other MGM properties, so I received discount tickets.  So I won't comment on the value, but I have been twice and enjoyed it each time. If you have family visiting that includes children, there are only so many things to do and see that would be appropriate.  Both my niece and nephew (ages 5 and 7) loved this.  There were two baby dolphins at the time of our visit and it was fun to see them following their moms around the pool trying to jump.  There was staff on hand around the pools to answer questions and we got to see some of their exercises.  The over all exhibit is not that big, but you can easily spend at least an hour here. Be aware that much of it is in direct...

Submitted by: Chris F.

The Secret Gardens - Mirage Hotel & Casino We stayed at the Mirage for a few days over Thanksgiving and while we were there we did quite a few activities.  One of them was The Secret Gardens & Dolphin Encounter.  The Secret Gardens & Dolphin Encounter is comprised of 2 parts, with the first being a large dolphin exhibit with a couple of pools and training shows.  This seemed very similar to other "swim and play with the dolphin" experiences that we've done and seen like Dolphin Quest in Hawaii.  There were packages of different durations & prices that you could do if you like but the weather was too cold for us.  Like most of the other people, we walked around for about a half hour ...

Submitted by: Mike S.

Okay for the kids, but its kind of small. I'm used ...

Submitted by: Ryan L.

I visited in August 2011, and enjoyed it, although it's fairly limited in scope. The dolphins were active, although it was obviously a fairly small space for them compared to dedicated marine parks.  They seemed healthy and active, and the underwater viewing port was great.  There was a baby dolphin swimming in circles with its mother.  There are no tricks or shows, just the animals behaving in a fairly natural way. The cats were all quite lazy and sleeping (it was mid-day and very hot, so this was to be expected), but seemed to be healthy and doing ok.  They also had fairly small enclosures -- not small cages, but certainly not enough space to run or exhibit full range of feline behavior. I really don't thi...

Submitted by: Karey R.

I was hesitant to bring the kids to Siegfried and Roy's secret garden because you never know what your gonna get at kid's attractions in Vegas. Usually it's some mediocre experience for a high price and we walk away feeling used. Luckily, at S & R, it was not the case. We had a great time, even in 103 degree heat. I brought my daughter, (7) and my son (2) here one morning, it was $29 total at the gate. We walked in and was immediately greeted by a Dolphin in a large pool. We walked around and saw an adjoining pool with 2 more dolphins, which I assume were for the Dolphin experience where you can swim with the dolphins. We walked over the bridge to an even larger pool where 4 dolphins greeted us, including Mi...

Submitted by: Stephanie S.

Dolphins!!! I love them!! My little family went on adventure here and we got in free because my bf knows someone. I still woulda paid the entry fee no matter what though because I LOVE DOLPHINS! We went a little later in the day on a Monday and hoping it wouldnt be hot, but guess what... its Vegas so who were we kidding!! LOL. Upon getting our tickets we walked through the walk-way and through the misters (which I love!!) and gave our tickets to the girl (who was sooooo nice!!) Walking down the stairs I was like ahh!! Soooo excited! I read reviews and had the impression it was very small... It wasnt!!!! In all honesty we really only came to see the dolphins; but all the other animals were def a treat! Some p...

Submitted by: Yvette B.

This is a really unique experience.  It is a little pricey to go in---$17 per head but they rely on our dollars to take care of the animals so it's worth it.  There really isn't a whole lot to see, I mean, don't expect to see the number of animals you'd see in your typical zoo. Instead, you will find a unique blend of cats.  Like white lions and tigers.  =0)  They are truly amazingly beautiful.  =0) The dolphin area is pretty neat too.  The trainers go out and train them and the dolphins jump in the area and they also seem to smile at you.  I've gone to this twice and I really enjoyed it both times.  I'm sure I'll go again...just because I love the cat family and I love dolphins. "The Secret Garden" probably...

Submitted by: Kelly W.

This was a great way to get out of the casino and relax for an hour or so.  If you are staying at the hotel, which we were the admission price is only $12.00 for an adult.   They had dolphins and three male lions, a black panther, a leopard, white tigers and two baby tigers that we got to see being bottle fed!  We got a lot of great pict...

Submitted by: Amanda B.

****************** REVIEW 323 ******************            Inside the Mirage Hotel, $15 for adult & $10 for kids under 12 years old. For that price you got to see: - 3 lions, - 2 ca...


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