Six Flags White Water, Marietta, Georgia

250 Cobb Pkwy N, Marietta, Georgia 30062

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Certain rides may be closed during severe weather. Pets are not allowed in the park, with the exception of working service animals.

Address: 250 Cobb Pkwy N, Marietta, Georgia 30062

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Phone: 770-948-9290
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Thrilling Water Slides

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Tips for Families

Lockers are available for about $15. They also have cabanas for an extra fee if you want a shaded, designated area for your family.

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Submitted by: Adam R.

The rides have long lines because they only let 1 person down every 5 minutes, every ride had a ridiculous line on the Monday I went of 45 mins to an hour plus. There are not enough floats/tubes like at most other water parks because the park charges you to rent them now, so to encourage rental sales they make the free ones very sparse. This really made the experience unpleasant for me, I enjoy floating down the river or just hanging out in the wave pool, but now you pretty much have to fight someone to land a tube. Food prices are outrageous, and few ppl where in line as a result.  Pretzel was $5, funnel cake was $10! Corn dog was $6.50. There are no water fountains, and a coke is $4, or $3.50 for a bottled...

Submitted by: Brian A.

I used to love white water as a kid, but as an adult I see it in a way different point of view. Even during the week on a slow day, the lines are loooooooong. It's not worth waiting an hour for a ride that lasts 20 seconds. Secondly, the staff doesn't keep the park that clean, trash cans are always overflowing with trash and there's always clumps of bread or French fries on the ground, you'll have so many sticky food residue on your feet it's ridiculous and gross. Thirdly, the staff is almost always rude each time I go. They clearly hate their jobs, but then again, who wouldn't. I also question how sanitary the water is because on 3 occasions, every time I went to this park, i developed strep throat a day or...

Submitted by: Drew H.

I'll get right to the worst:  the lines are unbelievably long!  I took off work for my daughter and her friend last month (on a Friday) and our average wait time for slides was 50 minutes!!!!!  The shortest wait was 35 minutes, but it was a fluke, and the longest was 1.25 hours.  We arrived when the park opened and stayed until it closed, and were only able to ride 8 slides and hit the wave pool briefly, including lunch.  They ding you for parking, then hit you up for lock rental, then try to upsell you on flash pass.  Their customer service is terrible and I found the overall value to be very poor.  Two years ago they sold us souvenir cups that you could use over and over, year after year, for a small fee, ...

Submitted by: Michelle S.

If you are going to go, because you feel you sorta have to go and the kids want to go . . well then this is what you'll need to do . . . upgrade and spend more money. If you are a planner, I'd try to see if you can find discounted tickets. That's the first thing. It is much cheaper to buy tickets on line than buy them at the park. That is a little secret. After you buy tickets, parking is a flat $12. So remember that. Food is EXPENSIVE . . . so go out for a big breakfast before the park opens at 9am, and get there at 10. I have a 6 year old and she was fine with Dippity Dots and a part of a pretzel. We ate on the way home, and we were there for 7 hours, but again we had a big breakfast. Don't be afraid to we...

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