Sony Wonder Technology Lab, New York City, New York

550 Madison Ave, New York City, New York 10022

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Address: 550 Madison Ave, New York City, New York 10022

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Phone: 212-833-8100
Hours: Tue-Sat 9:30 am - 5:30 pm. Closed Sun-Mon.
Price: Free. Ticket required.

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Submitted by: Christine C.

It's free! Right now it's holiday season so there's even a snow flake place to take pictures and play with before going in the lab. Right when you go in, you feel like the inner child of you jumping right now. There was a cute pass that you scan yourself into stations. You get to pick your music and color and what not. Kids would love this place. Adults even more when you feel like visiting something close to Universal Studio. There were programs from robots, signal stations, dancing motion captures, virtual surgeries, to a theatre. I didn't get to visit the theatre this time, but since the place is free I would gladly visit again. There was also a place where you can pretend to be a reporter, which is wonde...

Submitted by: Snook C.

I had a blast here. My inner child jumped out and had fun for an hour. However, I really wish that there are more stuff that adults or older teens will find interesting. Half of the stuffs are really for younger children and kids. The theatre was pretty awesome, and that alone would have had me satisfied. The music room was probably one of my favorite spots in the lab. I like that it was free, and it definitely went down on my awesome free stuff to do in New York list. it wasn't too crowd, and the staffs manage the queue for photographs and games pretty well. If you bring a kid here, they will have a blast, but you may end up standing around wondering why you're there. But really, it's just like any other en...

Submitted by: Kiandra L.

The kids had a great time, well my nephew did.  My niece was totally not interested. It was really crowded and they had to wait to use everything!!!  EVERYTHING! Saturday may not be the best day to go. I was bored out my mind. They have a small th...

Submitted by: Anna O.

I'm really not sure why people have to be so fault-finding and scathing sometimes. This place, being FREE, is pretty cool. I wouldn't go out of my way to come here again, because it's one of those places where seeing it once is enough. However, I spent a good hour and a half with my two friends here and we had a lot of fun. The workers here are either really kind and helpful, or completely fine with letting you know how much they hate working there. A lot of people said the exhibits were broken... when I went, only one computer exhibit was frozen. However, everything else worked fine. My favorite was the Virtual Surgery; very, very cool. The HD Theater is pretty cool too. They showed some fifteen minute clip...

Submitted by: Alex S.

Interesting museum of technology great for kids and is free. The only th...

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