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South Street Seaport, New York City, New York

South St and Fulton St, New York City, New York

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Touristy but fun, with a relaxed riverside vibe

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This place gets extremely crowded on summer weekends.

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Submitted by: Bill S.

The South Street Seaport has been my first NYC home in my heart. When I was overseas in the military and came back to NYC, I spent July 4th here when the Statue of Liberty had a facelift in 1986. Here is my list of all time favs about South Street Seaport: *My kid brother, God rest his soul got his first place in Brooklyn Heights, we used to come here as kids because of the view and dream big dreams. *I used to bring dates here because its romantical *BODIES - The Exhibition *On a date with my wife in the 90s, We went on a brunch/Jazz cruise and I saw Lonnie Liston Smith, my favorite jazz musician in the world *Carolines! *Great place for July 4th *The movie Black Rain had a motorcycle chase scene here under...

Submitted by: ronald s.

I have been here twice in the past few months and it just feels disappointing. I mean, the boats and the river are cool and i like the new amsterdam market on sundays but it just feels like all the...

Submitted by: Sara B.

Being a native urbanite, I really take pride in always seeking out authentic city experiences and avoiding tourist draws. As a relative newbie to NYC, I make an effort not to do things that true New Yorkers would laugh at. For this reason, I was not at all interested in South Street Seaport lest someone mistake me for one of those people who thinks a manufactured tourist trap is the real deal. But my husband got me to go (ostensibly to see if it was worth taking visiting friends in the future)...and it was actually really fun. I'm not going to argue with other reviewers: the cobblestone streets are a little too precious, the shopping area was just a big, not-so-classy mall, and the food options were limited ...

Submitted by: Nydia C.

When I was a kid I used to love this place and not because I bought my favorite Skid Row t-shirt here when I was in junior high. I always thought this was a nice romantic spot even way before I had a taste of what romance felt like. I always loved sitting on the third level balcony and just enjoying the view of the water and thinking about whatever was on...

Submitted by: Jose G.

On a beautiful day, it's a fine place to get a sunburn, pick apart a margarita pizza, sop up one of the daytime cocktails with high alcohol content, and take a walk down the promenade. The kids I've been...

Submitted by: Ali K.

The South Street Seaport is absolutely awesome and will always hold a special place in my heart. i can remember when my Mom and Dad would bring us to walk around and eat here and it was just a nice family outing, the people were so friendly and unpretentious a far cry from the rest of NYC and its just so relaxed and wonderful. The fresh sea food, the fresh air and smell coming from the water and the Pier the boats coming in, i mean what more can you want. It's just so relaxed and laid back, plus historic cobble stone and nice eateries and bars, what more can you want. Sure a ton of tourists come here and what not but i mean it's nothing compared to Times Square and seriously if your from NY and your gonna co...

Submitted by: LISA N.

A tourist destination spot, a must see! Yes it might be a little over priced, but being that I am a New Yorker, all of my field trips were always here.  I always enjoyed hanging out in the Seaport Mall or even in the back of the mall outside, overlooking the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.  Something so peaceful about this crazy city life, and I al...

Submitted by: Lindsay H.

I'm a big fan of the South Street Seaport. I know it's super touristy, and no, I wouldn't go there to do my shopping, but it's still a great location that really makes you remember that Manhattan is, after-all, an island. In the spring/summer, it's so nice to get food/drinks at one of the (overpriced) restaurants right on the pier. It's also nice to go to the Seaport and then walk along the waterfront down to the ferries to make a day out of it. I like to bring my friends and family from out of town because it just has a good vibe (and good waterfront photo-ops). I also would recommend coming down here to get your TKTS tickets for Broadway shows...the line is MUCH shorter than the Times Square booth. Also, t...

Submitted by: Jin Y.

Where do I begin.. I once lived near South Street Seaport. Every summer with my family we would go here for a walk after dinner. Grab ice cream or some sweets too. Sometimes I would rollerblade, they have a great promenade. Saw fire...


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