Stanley Park, Vancouver, British Columbia

W Georgia St, Vancouver, British Columbia

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There is a playground in the park at Ceperley Meadows near Second Beach, where there's also a large swimming pool.

Address: W Georgia St, Vancouver, British Columbia

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Phone: 604-257-8400
Hours: Open 24 hours
Price: Free

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Submitted by: Sarah D.

Oh, Lord Stanley's Park. You have come to represent all that is wonderful about living in Vancouver. You are beautiful and vast, and you blend urbanity and the natural world so perfectly. Your towering evergreens are magnificent to behold, and your totem poles pay tribute to the First Nations and a harmonious way of living with nature. Your seawall encourages us to keep fit, while your Malkin Bowl reminds us to have fun. You truly are Vancouver's crown jewel. I've had so many memorable experiences in Stanley Park, dating back to my youngest years. As a child I was always excited when my parents brought me here, as it meant one of a few things: I would get to play in the water-park, I'd get to visit the Vanco...

Submitted by: D. F.

Stanley Park - I've been visiting here for years and years. Basically my entire life. I love it just as much now as I did as a kid. I've driven around it, walked around it, swam in the pools, explored the trails, picni...

Submitted by: romeo s.

Syuzy, Amy, Sara, the seven (7) kids and I visited Stanley Park on Sun.m Aug. 21st.   The kids went swimming and ...

Submitted by: Jacqueline T.

Great for all season!! For the views!! and for the fun odd things to do! SUNNY DAYS: Bike, Blade, Jog around the Seawall of Stanley Park. Lazy? Go around in the luxury of your own vehicle. Or Beach it up and get a tan on any of their beaches. There is also a float pool but tends to be over crowded with kids. WINTER DAYS: They have an annual Christmas Lights Display in the center of the park, located close to the Rose Garden. Go to Prospect point and grab a nice cup of hot chocolate or chowder! Don't forget your camera!! Photo points to not miss: Coal Harbor, Totem Polems, Light House, Person on Rock, Dragon Cannon, Tree on Island, Balanced rocks, Under Lions Gate Bridge, Over Lions Gate Bridge, Prospect Poin...

Submitted by: Dave C.

Beautiful and spacious park right in the middle of a metropolitan city.   Great for hikes, kids (my little niece and nephew liked the small water park and miniature trains), crazy city boys like me, young and old alike.   Just felt so relaxing a...

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