Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

2000 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

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Younger kids will enjoy the observation deck, while older thrill-seekers can ride one of three adrenaline-pumping rides on the roof of Vegas’ tallest building.

Address: 2000 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, Nevada 89104

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Phone: (702) 383-4777
Hours: Sun-Thu 10 am - 1 am, Fri-Sat 10 am - 2 am
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Submitted by: Buddy M.

Had one night to kill so I spent it here. Exhausted, I was NOT going to drive any longer or walk anywhere.   Went to the downstairs bar to finish watching the college games play brainless Keno AND WAS GIVEN A GRATUITY BEER!  I tipped $2 and we both left VERY happy. Bought more than a few more too from the bartender as overtime was necessary as he brought me up to speed on all the games -- GREAT GUY!!. After the games were over I went up to the top to watch the sunset and to eat THE BEST chicken wings and perfectly made black russians.  The bartenders (female) were beautifully dressed and AWESOME and VERY attentive. Totally relaxed, I went on the rides and finished up with a dip in the pool and tot tub.  Play...

Submitted by: Heather V.

My brother booked and paid for our room.  When he arrived on Thursday he checked us in as well since we would be there early Friday morning and he wanted to make sure we could sleep as soon as we arrived.  He was told that he could not leave a key at guest services for us and kept the key in his room.  We didn't arrive till 3:30 in the morning.  At which time I had to WAKE UP my brother and his wife to let us into the room.  Later Friday evening our other brother and his wife (who's room was also paid for by my brother) became stuck in the elevator for OVER AN HOUR AND A HALF with 6 other people.  My brother has BAD KNEES and a BAD BACK and there was NO ROOM to sit.  My sister in law was PETRIFIED the entire...

Submitted by: Kevin L.

The room is clean and everything works.  The hotel is far from the strip, so if you don't drive, you have to take some publi...

Submitted by: Erinn F.

I booked a room here for $40 a night and let me tell you, you get what you pay for. The rooms (though classy looking) are pretty much what you get when you stay in a motel: tiny bathroom, no fridge, no microwave, the ice bucket seemed to be some flimsy bucket a kid would play with in the sand, no ceiling lights, basic tv channels, and a VERY LOUD air conditioner. The room was so hot and stuffy but the air conditioner (even on the lowest setting) was so loud and obnoxious we couldn't sleep with it on. The walls are paper thin and we heard our guests talking, showering, and watching TV all night. On the plus side, the casino area was great and we won about $400, and the beds were very comfortable. The drapes a...

Submitted by: moon k.

We got a room here at the last minute...the room was very nice and had an beautiful view....the bathroom was extremely neat and clean...I had a...

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