Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, Norden, California

629 Sugar Bowl Rd, Norden, California 95724

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Address: 629 Sugar Bowl Rd, Norden, California 95724

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Phone: 530-426-9000
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Submitted by: Jack G.

Sugarbowl is very hard to beat for a number of reasons. Regardless of your level they have great terrain and decent facilities. We have been Core members for a few years now and love the program. The lessons that are part of the program have really helped my 10 year old daughter go from never ridden a snowboar...

Submitted by: Geoff D.

In my mind, Sugar Bowl defines the skiing day trip. It's not a destination resort, but it's 30+ minutes closer to the Bay Area than the Tahoe resorts... and it's got much more varied/interesting terrain than the other spots on this side of the summit. Even fairly hardcore skiers can create a full day of fun here hopping the rocks under the Mt...

Submitted by: Annie N.

Finally!!  I learned how to do heels and stop so I'm not just tumbling blindly down the slopes and hurt somebody in the process.  And I have this place to thank (beside my wonderful teacher)!  There are not a lot of people here so it's perfect for a dangerous beginner like me to learn how to snowboard.  Plus there are a few different paths on the bunny slopes so you can pick the right one for you.  The fellow snowboarders and skiers here are quite friendly and supportive.  One gentleman commented I had "the most graceful fall" he has ever seen.  =) I got the beginner package without the lessons as I have my friend to teach me.  It came out to $68, which is a bit pricey but worth it.  I tried the beginner's p...

Submitted by: Mark D.

If you want a traditional family experience, no other Tahoe resort compares. First resort in the Sierras (pre summit!), shortest drive from SF, more snow (due to facing and shape of the mountain), diverse skiing (alpine, telemark, snow board, cross ...

Submitted by: wilma g.

My cousin and I came here with her 2 sons on accident.  We were supposed to go to another resort, but ended up going the wrong way and decided to go here instead of back tracking to our original plan.  Let's just say it was a great accident coming here! We came on MLK day and were thinking it might be crowded, but it wasn't at al...

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