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The Alaska Zoo, Anchorage, Alaska

4731 O'Malley Road, Anchorage, Alaska

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Try the Alaska Zoo for an up-close look at northern critters.

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Tips for Families

The Alaska Zoo is open all year long, so don't let cold and snowy weather deter your visit. In fact, these animals love cold and dark days; all critters here live in arctic or sub-arctic environments, and cold is their thing. During the summer, visit right when the facility opens for the day, or just before closing time to see the animals at their most active. While the zoo does offer a small snack bar on site, it is wise to bring food and drink for kids. Also consider a wagon or stroller for gear and small children, the zoo sits on a wooded area with a lovely network of trails leading from one area to another. NOTE: The brown and black bears usually go into hibernation in October, and do not emerge again until early May.

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Need a pick-me-up before or after a trip to the zoo? Steam Dot is a locally-owned coffee shop with great ambiance for kids. Grab a latte, chocolate milk, and snack, and relax while the kids play with the basket of games, books, and toys.

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I like going during the winter - the polar bears might swim in the pool and the wolverine is always running in circles. - 8 year-old

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