The Farm at South Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona

6016 S 32nd St, Phoenix, Arizona 85042

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Address: 6016 S 32nd St, Phoenix, Arizona 85042

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Phone: 602-276-6360
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Submitted by: Jamie V.

The farm is fun place you can take the kids and sit on a bench it or can be romantic breakfast for 2 - fell in love with the fresh yogurt/gr...

Submitted by: Melissa T.

I'd heard of this place time and time again. So I finally thought I'd give it a whirl. When you're driving there from the fwy, you think you're in the wrong place: industrial, low income homes, etc. But when you drive in you feel like you're some place else,not a big city like Phoenix. There are two restaurants to choose from. But since everyone seemed to crowd to the one at the end of the road, so did I. Don't go w/heels or nice shoes. There is no pavement or set pathway. You will step on rocks, dirt, possibly mud and wood chips. I guess it adds to the 'feel'. There is a quaint little gift shop, and the art coordinator, Carol is very sweet and helpful. The food was good. I mean, to know you are eating fresh...

Submitted by: Joellen M.

I have wanted to go here for brunch for a long time.  Finally made it there this past weekend.  Great setting -- so pretty and unique and reminds that Phoenix can be awesome. I arrived at 11:30 and had a 20 minute wait. No big as it gave me time to walk the grounds.  Was seated, odered the ham & cheese omelletee with home fries.  Food took about 30 minutes, again no biggie but something to be aware of if you are hungry and/or with children. Food was dropped off with not much fan fare.  Immedietly I saw a black hair sticking out of the fries.  Eww and Hello!  Did no one see this?  Ate the omelette, was very good but found two more very long black hairs intertwined in the fries.  It was gross.  One hair falls ...

Submitted by: Veronica G.

I love this place!!! This brown bag sandwich, salad, and soup place is soooo good. Although a little pricey ($15 pp sandwich+drink), it's worth every penny. You will know what I mean when you sit down at a picnic table in the sun, under huge pecan trees. If you have kids ...

Submitted by: Kelly M.

A really cool experience.  Located on a large property that takes you instantly from the city into this quaint goodness of organic gardens and Pecan trees.  It's a dining-out experience, so the best time to go is on ...

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