The Health Museum, Houston, Texas

1515 Hermann Dr, Houston, Texas

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Submitted by: Michelle E.

I brought my 7 year old son here because he is a curious little being and I thought he would enjoy learning about the human body.  Turns out, he's not so interested.  I think the exhibits are cool if you are really interested in learning and well here I am in my early 30's and I didn't feel like reading and there were a lot of instructions.  I ended up just pushing buttons and the voices that came on were really loud.  Mostly because there was no one there.  It was just me, my son, and my baby.  It was dark, quiet and yeah it freaked my son out a bit.  He didn't even want to step a foot in the area where they showed the organs and skeletons and duh what was I thinking bringing him here??  I just wanted him t...

Submitted by: Heidi S.

Today was my first visit ever at 32ys old to this museum!  And I have to say it was totally cool!  The learning about insects was ok..but the LIVE cow eye dissecting was so so awesome!  At times gross, but very cool and I was amazed at the kids who answered some tough questions! It is a smaller museum but was very enjoya...

Submitted by: Meg G.

I visited this museum in high school, and the nerd in me was elated!!! I am already very interested in health sciences; and, until the Body E...

Submitted by: Shana P.

Founded by John P. McGovern, this museum is all about the body, how it works, and how to keep it healthy. While this may not sound like something the kids would be into, there are so many hands on learning experiences and challenges, the whole family will learn a little something for everyone here.   The permanent exhibit starts in the mouth, then leads you through the body ad teaches you all about what a miraculous machine your body is.  It has some great looking features and is fun for taking photos with the over-sized brain, lungs, etc.   In addition to the walk through the body and how it works, there are mind challenges in the lobby, movies, and special exhibits throughout the year.  Everything is meant...


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