The Mapparium (at The Mary Baker Eddy Library), Boston, Massachusetts

200 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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Address: 200 Massachusetts Ave, Boston, Massachusetts 02115

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Phone: 617-450-7000
Hours: Check schedule More Info
Price: Adults & Children: $6; Children under 6: Free; Students & Seniors: $4 More Info

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Submitted by: Kerry B.

Some friends and I visited the Mapparium globe in this awesome building. I've just been informed it's nicknamed The Mapp. Adorbz. I don't think I've ever walked through something that fantastically neat in my whole life. And we weren't even on drugs! Who'da thunk it?! Seriously though. It was one of the most beautiful and intriguing things I've ever seen. It was an older version of the globe too, so it was really neat to see what changes countries have gone through [like changes of name]. The colors were epic. So incredibly bright and beautiful. One of the coolest parts of this room was the sound. Everything echoed. And if you stood on one end of the catwalk and whispered something, the person standing on th...

Submitted by: Nicole V.

Being new to Boston, I made sure to get here within my first months.  It still shocks me how many long time Bostonians have never been here (or never even heard about it!). If you're into Christian Science, then you'll probably enjoy all of the other features.  However, most of us are there for the Mapparium and to see the cool building. I suggest taking your time to wander around and really see the building.  It really is beautiful.  The CS quotes being projected to move across the floor and water features make me want to giggle, but in an appreciated way. After you wait in the room of floating quotes and finally get into the Mapparium, it is AWESOME.  You do have to sit through the "Sound and Lights Show" ...

Submitted by: Traveling B.

We crawled over to the library to see the Mapparium, it sounded so impressive we decided it was a site not to be missed. As we paid the lady our 6 bucks and proceeded into the Hall of Ideas, some wonderful child did their normal routine and pulled the fire alarm, so outside we went until they could get the all clear.  No worries we thought, inside we were ushered into the beautiful globe of stainglass and wonder and our guidetour began.   The guide was nice enough but hurried through everything as the fire alarm delay had caused her to run out of time, and there was a tour right after us.  I would have loved to have spent more time in the globe trying out the acoustics everyone speaks of, but unfortunately w...

Submitted by: Amy K.

Mapparium!  Definitely worth the $6 admission. Located inside the Mary Baker Eddy Library for the Betterment of Humanity (whew, what a mouthful), next to the Christian Science Church, Mapparium is a three-story glass globe built in 1935 that you can walk through across a 30 foot bridge.  Besides seeing what the world looked like over 70 ...

Submitted by: Suzanne G.

Also posted under Christian Science Church: Although I have not visited the Mapparium or the church recently, I have been to both several times under different circumstances. In the 90's we first visited the Mapparium on a visit to our daughter who was a student at BU at the time.  She told us it was one of those places that everyone who visits Boston really should see.  I had never even heard about it until then.   The Mapparium is such a wonder!  I love the acoustics, the way a whisper bounces off the glass walls.  It is visually stunning as well.  What an idea, to make a glass globe that people can travel through.  Love it!   Several years later I was running a summer program for urban high school kids, a...

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