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The New Children's Museum, San Diego, California

200 W Island Ave, San Diego, California

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San Diego, California

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Phenomenal and Kona coffee around the corner

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Watch your kiddos at all times. Sometimes there are paints or recyclables out for the kids to play with but it HAS to be supervised play or the other families will stare you down.

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Submitted by: Mike M.

I thought this place was just OK. My wife and I brought our two-year-old here and I think it was not quite right for his age. We went with some friends that had older kids. I'd recommend this museum for children 4 or older. The cost is $10 per person (adult or children). So, $30 for the three of us. Parking in front of the museum was metered - $4 for 4 hours. There wasn't much parking available (maybe a dozen spots) but we got lucky with a spot. Architecturally, the inside of the building is really cool looking. There was a lot of open space, very industrial, and 3 levels of exhibits. Everything is pretty close together, so there's not really a lot of walking going on like some other museums. It didn't feel ...

Submitted by: Chel R.

The moment you enter the museum,  I am taken with the beautiful architectural details of this building.  I am very much impress with the industrial and open space concept exposing the three levels of the museum.  And the varying floors were easily accessible by stairs or elevators. There are tons of different hands-on activities for all children of different ages.   The staff were exceptionally helpful.  Extremely courteous. And remarkably patient.  Imagine instructing classes from painting, clay, creating art, etc... to kids who has millions of questions.  Thank goodness while each class was in session, easily accessible seating areas are available for the weary parents...hahaha We would definitely return o...

Submitted by: A e.

I agree with Beth W. The new exhibits were definitely designed by 20 something college artsy kids with no children of their own. The new recycling/trash theme is throughout and a bit excessive. Ok, we get the need to learn to recycle at an early age, but the target audience is in the 2-5 year old range in my opinion and they need to incorporate more "fun" stuff. To drive my point home, the top floor has a net of trash hanging from the ceiling to the floor with a sign saying "do not climb" or something to that effect. Really?? A posted sign that younger children can't read and it's a children's museum where most of the exhibits should be interactive. My first inkling that the place was designed b...

Submitted by: Beth W.

We joined the NCM about two months ago.  Loved the old exhibits and couldn't wait for the new ones.  We finally checked it out today.  They took out everything that made the museum fun.  The push cars and the bouncy are gone and replaced it with a maze?  Really? Do the people at the NCM even have kids? My son was looking at one of the exhibits a...

Submitted by: Christian G.

This was definitely a unique take on the traditional Chilidren's Museum perspective.  As a San Diegan, I can't help but associate a Children's Museum with something a little more educational ala The Reuben H. Fleet Science Center.  But I loved the new take on the central theme of engaging a child's mind.   They shoulda called this place the Children's Gallery. The Children's Gallery (BTW I'm gonna call it this now), is a painter's pallette of colorful Art & Awareness.  Playground slash Art Gallery is what this place essentially is, and the sleek structure is a welcomed addition to San Diego's beautiful East Village, across the street from the Convention Center. Walking into this open and expansive building, ...

Submitted by: Queen Claire B.

I was totally expecting something else. I do not correlate museum with this place at all. It is definitely far from your normal walk through, don't touch, filled with expensive artifacts type of museum. I took my two kids here for my son's 4th birthday... AND they both lov...

Submitted by: Shawnette W.

Kids enjoyed it. Had to drag them out. I wasn't imp...

Submitted by: Nazy P.

Amazing preschool classes for your children.   Our son has learned a great deal from all the staff/teachers and most importantly understands the importance of recycling.  They have a...

Submitted by: Kristin C.

I am surprised at the lower reviews for this place.  I took my 15 month old... who was free to roam the whole place and touch and do whatever he wants.  I am so used to having to tell him NO and to stop touching everything pretty much everywhere else we go... that this was a definitely a treat for not only him, but m...


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