The Philadelphia Zoo, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3400 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

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Address: 3400 W Girard Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

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Phone: 215-243-1100
Hours: Holiday, seasonal and extended hours vary. For additional details, check schedule. More Info
Price: Adults (12+): $18; Children (2-11): $15; Children under 2: Free. More Info

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Submitted by: Stephanie P.

#288 As a teacher leading a band of first-graders to the zoo on a freezing March weekday, I had the privilege of getting in for free. =) Unfortunately, I then had to spend the next 4 hours trying my best to entertain the 5 students I had in my group, with a large number of animals having been moved inside until the onset of spring. IT WAS NOT EASY. We ended up spending an inordinate amount of time inside the monkey house, just sprawled on the floor, taking in the wonders of the orangutan and company. The smell was horrendous, but it was much better than 45 degree weather. We also ventured into the one food establishment that was open but the place was packed beyond belief. So, I purchased a round of fries fo...

Submitted by: Andrea W.

Let me start by saying, "I won't be going back."  My fiance and I recently took his 4-year old nephew here for his first trip to the zoo. It was an expensive day, what with parking, entrance fees, and a wide array of child-enticing distractions like face-painting, ice-cream, swan boat rides, pony rides, train rides, and- of course- the obligatory gift shop conveniently blocking the exit. Pawns of a four-year old, we fell victim to each, one-by-one. The nephew enjoyed the fake tractor, statues of animals, and bunnies in the Zoo's kiddie petting zoo more than any of the wild animals on display.  And to be honest, the wild animals on display made me sad. I grew up on a farm.  I eat mean, and  I'm no animal righ...

Submitted by: Niyant S.

I will admit that I'm a fan of the Philly Zoo, it's definitely one of the better zoos in this region of the country. Philly zoo, however, is as close to heaven as you can possibly get if you are a kid between the ages of 4-12 (that's just a random estimate, but you get the picture). Lot's of great exhibits here, and I was surprised by the size of this zoo as I was not expecting it to be so big. That being said, I was disappointed by the size/condition of the some of the animal's habitats, and also the lack of any kind of stimulating activities for them. A lot of the animals looked bored and uninterested in being there (I can't say I know much about the psyche of animals, but I'd like to think they do a lot b...

Submitted by: Liz D.

I'm not always sure how I feel about zoos but I love this one!  Zoos in large east coast cities are not always great (our zoo in Boston is really sad) but the people here have done a great job.  It's pretty large, the animals s...

Submitted by: C C.

I went this past Tuesday, and had a fun time.  I went with 2 friends ( Ash and Todd) on this trip.  None of us have been to a zoo since our childhoods.  So this trip was something new to us.  Pricing was actually a little cheaper then as I expected for a city zoo.  Parking was $12, which I expected to be a lot higher due to its location.  And tickets are $18.00 for adults $15 for children 2-11.  You can also buy a season pass starting at $65 for a individual to $400 for a contributor.  Obviously there is a hugh difference in what these passes offer.  Not that bad if you ask me.  If you need or want a stroller or wheel chair.  They are available to rent for a reasonable price, i think $8 but not sure.  The wh...

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